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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Canadian Opposition Topples Harper Triggers Election: Signals need for Electoral Reform in Canada

This might sound strange coming from an outsider to Canada, even though I'm an american and we share a three thousand mile border with them. I believe the longest International Border in the World. If you think the American-Mexican Border of two thousand miles is long, then I suggest you check out the American-Canadian Border. Another beautiful long border between two beautiful countries. But as an outsider who's just a two hour flight away from the American-Canadian Border. Or an 8-10 hour drive depending on where I go, I believe I'm well inform enough to comment on the Canadian Electoral System. Also because of how interlink we are, not just on trade but in the media as well. We get each others News Media, sometimes whether we want it or not. Because the news of both countries affects both countries. Because culturally we are so similar with our lifestyles. And we belong to the same International Clubs and work with each other in them. NATO and the United Nations being just a couple examples of that. We cover their news, they cover ours, we see their entertainment, they see ours. We eat similar food, both have very diverse society's, ethnically, racially and other things as well. So when I saw that the Conservative Government lost a No Confidence Vote in the House of Commons on Friday. It signaled to me that Canada is starting to become like Italy in a way, changing governments every few years. Because none of the Major Parties in Canada have enough support or the full trust of the Canadian People. To stay in power and at least finish their full term.

This is an indicator to me anyway as an American Outsider, that its time for Electoral Reform in Canada. And at least set up a system where when one party wins the General Election. And becomes the Ruling Party, that they at least get to finish their term. Whether thats four years or five years. And then have Mid Term Elections similar to America, where the Canadian House and Senate run for reelection. So if the Canadian People doesn't like the government halfway through, they would be able to respond by electing Members of Parliament from the other parties. To make the Prime Minister weaker and send them the message that we don't like what your doing and you need to change course. Or you could very well be out of power in the next election. This would allow the Prime Minister to take Bold Leadership and actually lead the country. And not have to worry about facing a No Confidence Vote every time they make a tough decision. And if voters don't like what the Prime Minister is doing, they can take it out on the Ruling Party in the Mid Term Elections as well in the next General Election.

Also even though the Canadian Parliament is technically a Bi Cameral Legislature like the United States Congress. The Canadian Senate even though its technically the Upper Chamber, has almost no real authority if any. Unlike the US Senate which is the Upper Chamber in Congress, by title and in practice. The House of Commons has most of the power in Parliament. The Canadian Senate is very similar to the United Kingdoms House of Lords, in structure and in practice. With appointed Senators and not much if any authority. So I would make the Senate democratic with all the Senators up for reelection. And make the Leader of the Senate and at large member and the Leader of the Majority Party. With the Minority Leader the Leader of the Minority Party also an at large member. The Senate representing the Canadian Provinces and Territory's equally. Similar to the US Senate and the real Upper Chamber in Parliament. If your going to have a Senate in a Democracy, then it should have real authority and be accountable to the people.

Looks like Canada will have another General Election in May, for like the fourth time in like six years. Hopefully the Canadian People will vote for a party they like and trust. Rather then vote for the lesser of the evils.