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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thom Hartmann vs. Stephen Moore: How to save Entitlements from Dems and Reps

If you really believe in Social Insurance programs, entitlements and otherwise and you believe they've made a positive contribution to American Society. Then you should be in favor saving them and reforming them in a way that they will last indefinitely. How do we do this, we eliminate the biggest threat to them, what's the biggest threat to them. Congress the people that spend the taxes that are "dedicated" to them, on their own laundry list. Get Congress's hands off of them and I'm not being partisan at all here, get democratic and republican hands off of them. Get the House and Senate off of them, get the Administration away from them, so they can't offer plans to "save" them. And I'm thinking of President Bush's 2005 Social Security Reform plan that was DOA before it was born. And probably played a role in the Republican Party losing control of Congress in 2006. And again I'm not being partisan here on purpose here, there been bad ideas to save our Entitlements from both parties. Like and idea coming from Democratic Socialists to tie all Individual Income to the Payroll Tax, which would represent a Trillion Dollar Tax Hike that our economy can't afford right now. Get Congress's and their allies greedy hands off of Social Security, Medicare and others and you save these programs its that simple. And they would no longer be able to spend the Tax Revenue thats suppose to be dedicated to these programs on their Pet Projects or used that money to fund wars or to give to their highest Campaign Contributers. The Federal Government has a workforce of around 8M people, about 2M of that workforce are in the Armed Forces alone. They have a budget of around 3.7T$ where they borrow 40% of the revenue that they need to fiance its operations. They have too much waste not because they are bad people or incompetent but because they have too much responsibility and have to manage too many different things. With around 1.5T$ Social Insurance programs alone.

What I would like to do with our "Welfare State", even though I would prefer a Safety Net which are different. A Welfare State is a collection of Social Insurance programs for everyone that pays into them, even if they don't need them. A Safety Net which I would prefer, would again be a collection of Social Insurance programs. But they would only be for the people who need them, that can't support themselves on their own. What I would like to do is have a Safety Net where you Means Test and dedicate these services for only the people that need them. And demand that the people who can afford to, pay more into them and collect less from them. And take this Safety Net off of the back of the Federal and State Budgets and make them independent. Turn them in to Semi Private No Profit Community Services for the Less Fortunate essentially. Or people that are retired who aren't eligible for Welfare Insurance but don't have a big enough of a Retirement Account to fiance their own pension to use as an example. And regulate them to the extent that they would still have to serve anyone thats eligible for them.

If your serious about saving our Entitlement and other Social Insurance Programs, then you do that by eliminating the biggest threat to them. And that unfortunately is the people that represent us in Washington, our Congress and Administration. And you do this by taking their power away from them and give it to the people instead.

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