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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Iran's Government Week Iran Today: What could be in Iran's Future

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on Iran or Iranian Society, I'm not from Iran, I'm not of Iranian Decent, never lived there. Never lived or been to the Middle East at all. All of the info I've gotten on Iran has been from the West but from Middle Eastern experts, people who study Iran and the Middle East broadly. And from what I've seen about Iran, for one its an Islamic Theocracy, the Islamic Republic of Iran being a pretty good clue. With a quasi socialist certainly not Democratic Socialist and Capitalist Economy and where the President of the Islamic Republic. Is not the Head of the State meaning the Leader of the Country, the President is more like a Presiding Officer. That we have in the US Congress, there to enforce Current Policy and Rules but without the power to make policy. Even though the President of the Islamic Republic is an Elected Office directly by the people. But the real power in the IS Government belongs with what's called the Supreme Leader. The man who runs what is basically an Islamic Council of Clerics and the Supreme Leader is basically a dictator accountable to no one.

Iran is not a complete Authoritarian Society, their people actually has some freedom to live their lives. And not be harassed by their government. As long as they are not doing what would be described as the Iranian Government as threatening the State. They are similar to China in that sense or Saudi Arabia, they are way ahead of the Communist Republic of Korea, that basically starves its people. Because they don't know how to run an Agriculture Policy and iranians tend to be well educated as a society. That can feed themselves but their government doesn't know how to run an economy. Like most governments and these people have a hard time finding good jobs, despite Iran's vast Natural Resources. In oil, Natural Gas and its people.

Its clear to me anyway and a lot more people, that there is a Democratic Opposition in Iran. In the IS Parliament and in the society and that the Iranian People want freedom. To live their own lives speak out and not be harassed by government for speaking out or for anything else. As we've seen in that last few years with the demonstrations in Iran and I believe these people. Deserve the respect and resources of the West and other people who love freedom. To help make this come about for them, so they can fight back when their own government cracks down on them. Just for speaking out against the government.

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