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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bill Press Show: "Republic, Lost": How to fix our Campaign Finance System

One of the things I respect about the Occupy Wall Street Movement is the fact they do support Campaign Fiance Reform. And ending the partnership that Wall Street has with the Federal Government. Now I disagree with their solutions and their Alternate Agenda. But they are right that we need to end this partnership and that we need to reform our Campaign System. And to a certain extent this movement has been Bi Partisan or No Partisan even. With socialists, liberals, libertarians, independents and perhaps even some conservatives all part of it. All these groups of people don't like the influence that Wall Street has on our Federal Government. And all at least to a certain extent support CFR and ending Corporate Welfare. And perhaps all would like to see our Lobbying Rules reformed as well. But these different Political Factions all have different approaches in how they reform our system. But at least they all agree that it needs to be reformed but just have different approaches in how to do it.

When it comes to reforming our Campaign Finance System, socialists naturally would like to nationalize the system. Get Private Money out of it completely, I have a problem with that both practically and ideologically. Socialists would also like us to scrap the Two Party System and allow more parties into the system with Ballot Access. One so they can get more of their candidates elected but also because they believe its a good idea. I agree with them on their second point which I'll get to later. Liberals would like to see Full Disclosure where all Public Officials and candidates would have to disclose where and how much money they got and when. As well as Lobbying Reform and make those people disclose where and how much and when they get their Campaign Funding. I support those ideas as well and some liberals Non Partisan Democrats who look at the country before their party. Such as myself would like to see us scrap our Two Party System and allow socialists, libertarians, independents ballot access as well. Conservatives would like to see an end to Corporate Welfare and see Full Disclosure in our Political System as well. Libertarians would probably like to see Full Disclosure, and end to Corporate Welfare. And getting government out of the economy all together. Believing that if government doesn't need to regulate, that business wouldn't need to contribute to government. And to a certain extent they have a point.

The reasons why I don't support getting Private Money out of our Campaign Fiance System are both practical and ideological. It would be thrown out by the US Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds. Like those reforms always have because it considered a violation of Free Speech. You would basically need a Constitutional Amendment to make that happen and good luck getting that out of Congress right now. My ideological problem with ending Private Money is that people including organizations of people which is what organizations are. Corporate and otherwise have a First Amendment right to lobby, protest and influence their Public Officials. As they should because they have to live under the laws that they pass. So they are deeply effected by what their Public Officials do in office. I like scrapping our Two Party System and allowing in libertarians, socialists and independents. Because we are a country of 310M people and are represented all across the Political Spectrum. And two parties is simply not enough to represent everyone.

What we need to do instead is set up a system of Full Disclosure where all Public Officials and incumbents have to reveal. Where they get their money from, how much and when. As well as Full Disclosure for Third Party Groups that attempt to influence elections, as well as Political Parties. And make all Public Officials Public Records exactly that open for the public. So we know why our Public Officials do the things that they do and why. And then vote the corrupt officials out of office, thats how you reform our Political System.

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