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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Campbell 1308: Countdown With Keith Olbermann- Michael Moore Says Occupy Wall Street Will Only Get Bigger

Source: Campbell 1308- Michael Moore-
Source: Campbell 1308: Countdown With Keith Olbermann- Michael Moore Says Occupy Wall Street Will Only Get Bigger

Wow! I’m shocked that Michael Moore one of the leading Progressives/Democratic Socialists in America, is behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’m not sure he has much credibility on the issue. Bashing a governmental and economic system that he’s benefited greatly from. Fine, he sees a country that’s in a lot of trouble and wants to see us get through this and recover from it. I get that, but bashing a system that he’s benefited from, is hard to swallow.

The agenda of Occupy Wall Street I believe is pretty clear. They see America in a lot of trouble and blame Wall Street and capitalism for our problems and would like to see us move to an economic system that looks like Sweden or France. Where the people get education including higher ED, transportation, health care, health insurance, pension childcare, perhaps even housing and banking. Not paid for by the Federal Government, but by taxpayers. The Federal Government would take a lot of our money and if you’re in the middle class right now and have seen your wages go down in the last ten years and are worried about being laid off next week or next month. And feel overtaxed.

If you think you’re overtaxed right now, check out the social democratic system’s of Scandinavia. Forget about the middle class tax hike in any flat tax, because these Tax Hikes would trample that. Talking about the lowest tax rate starting around 25%. Going back to the 1950s tax rates. And those are for people making 25-30K a year. Just over the poverty line. Try living in Washington, New York or San Francisco making that type of money and paying those taxes. First of all you probably wouldn’t be able to afford to and if you did, you would probably be heavily dependent on public assistance just to survive. Instead of having the individual liberty to take care of yourself.

The last ten years we’ve been living under Cowboy Economics. Where the wealthy pay very little in taxes after all the tax deductions. And everything else compared to what they make. Where we essentially have very little if no rules in our economy, where we got screwed over by big banks. And then where we bail them out for behaving badly at taxpayer expense. Tell me if that sounds backwards or not. And where the middle class have gotten royally screwed. Where our poverty rate has essentially doubled from 13% in the 1990s.

That’s what a neoconservative economic policy looks like. Oh by the way two unfunded wars. And an unfunded Medicare prescription drug benefit. This is what economics looks like coming from the Far-Right. And now what we have coming from the Far-Left of course is the complete opposite direction. What we need to do is get back to American capitalism that worked in the 1990s where government pays for its operations. Keeps its expenses down, where we have a lot of economic liberty. But where it’s also regulated. And we need to start building things and selling them at home and abroad again. That’s how we rebuild our economy.

What we need to do is stop doing what doesn’t work which is Cowboy Borrow and Spend Economics. And not move to democratic socialism either. But get back to American capitalism which is how we got to be the number economic and military power of the world. Essentially the leader of the free world and avoid going back or moving to extremes.