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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

William Greider The Nation: On Nationalizing the Banking System: Socialist Wet Dream

In January 2009 there was an opportunity for Democratic Socialists in America to carry out their Grand Vision for America. To establish their own Governmental System Economic and otherwise. Establish their Welfare State bring Sweden to America so to speak, a couple problems however. And thats even before I get to why it wouldn't work, they didn't have the White House or Congress. But I'm going to lay out what they would've tried to establish had they had the power to do so. First I would lay out the things that would've been more possible but not likely to pass. With lets say and this could give me a nightmare, Dennis Kucinich as President, with lets Jan Shakowski as his Vice President. Two of the leading Members of the Progressive Caucus as President and Vice President instead of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi because she's from this Faction of the Democratic Party would still be Speaker of the House. But only Progressives would hold positions in the Democratic Leadership. So somebody like Lynn Woolsey would be the Leader instead of Steny Hoyer, Leader Hoyer who I like a lot. Sandy Levin as Chairman of Ways and Means and go down the line. Bernie Sanders would be Leader of the Senate, Sherrod Brown would be his Deputy. Instead of Harry Reid and Dick Durbin, Deputy Leader Durbin might be my favorite Member of Congress. Because he's brutally honest and a real Liberal Democrat. So they now in Fantasy Land the Progressive Caucus would have the Leaders they need to pass their Progressive Agenda and bring real Democratic Socialism to America.

Remember its the Heart of the "Great Recession" we are losing 700K plus jobs per month and thats before Barack Obama becomes President. And we are losing -7% in Economic Growth each month as well, when would there be a better time for a New Deal Stimulus Plan. So an Economic Recovery Act probably around 2T$ or more all in new Federal Government Investment no new Tax Cuts. They would repeal all of the Bush Tax Cuts, the Clinton Tax Cuts, the Reagan Tax Cuts, the Kennedy Tax Cuts. And create things like the Works Projects Administration and all these new Federal Programs designed to hire people to work for them. Doing Infrastructure Investment no more Private Sector jobs doing this work. The Auto and Banking Industry's both failing at the time, so they both get nationalized. President Kucinich says it will only be short term. But after they screw that up, they'll tell the American People this is not the right time. To Privatize National Assets, a few months into the Kucinich Administration. They move to Nationalize the Healthcare Industry saying Healthcare Providers shouldn't make profits on providing Healthcare. Of course I'm calling this is a Wet Dream because we'll probably never have a Socialist President Democratic or Classical. But this is what they would attempt to accomplish if they could.

What a better time then in 2009 had Socialists in America had the power to try to pass just parts of their agenda. And what a better time for them to say, see we told you American Capitalism has failed. Americans have too much Economic Liberty they don't know what to do with it. We need Uncle Sam to come in and save the day. The problem is they didn't have the votes and the power to get in office in Leadership and make their Socialist Reforms. Because we are still a Liberal Democracy and we've never put people in power to try to pass an agenda like that. Because the words socialist and socialism are still used as insults in America.