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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Great Debate: Thom Hartmann vs Michael Medved: Role of Government in a Free Society

Ask me what the Role of Government is and I'll tell you and a lot of people across the Political Spectrum. Not everyone of course but the Role of Government in a Free Society Liberal Democracy. Is to protect Individual Liberty and Constitutional Rights of Individuals and everything that government does should be to defend those things. Including with things like defending the Constitution, Law Enforcement, National Security. So Free People can live with at least some basic level of security. So again they have the Individual Liberty to live their own lives as they see fit. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with their Liberty. And also with what's called regulation so people aren't abusing each other or the country in an unfair way. Like with unsafe Working Conditions to use as an example, so people get paid for the work that they do to use as examples. Again so people can live their own lives but they just can't hurt Innocent People with their activities. I'm all for helping people who are down and can't take care of themselves. Get themselves on their feet so again they can have the freedom to take to live their own lives as they see fit. Again as long as they are not hurting any Innocent People with what they are doing. I just don't believe the Federal Government should be running the Safety Net or Public Charity. But that all of these Public Services would be better run as Semi Private, Non Profit Community Services. Let each State have their own Social Welfare System that the Federal Government would regulate.

I believe in things like the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Limited Government, Individual Liberty and Freedom of Choice. And the job of government and I argue the only job of government, is to protect these things. Thats what living in a Liberal Democracy which is what America is, is all about. Some people may say especially progressives when they argue for a Single Payer Healthcare System. That Liberal Democracy is about Majority Rule, well sure in most elections except for the Presidential Election. And when their are more then one candidate on the ballot in an election. At that point the candidate who receives the most votes can get elected or reelected. A Governmental System thats based on Majority Rule would be a Majoritarian Democracy. So to use Healthcare as an example, if 51% or more decide that they want Single Payer Medicare For All. Or to ban Hand Guns or make homosexuality illegal and there are people who believe in doing these things. But they are a minority, then all of those things would happen. The minority that likes their Health Insurance or Health Savings Account, would be forced to give those things up. Because the majority thinks those things are bad and the minority would be forced to pay for an take Medicare as their Health Insurance.

In a Liberal Democracy people get to decide for themselves how to pay for their Healthcare. Or if they want to own a gun have an affair with someone of the same gender, gamble their own money etc. If government just concentrated on defending Constitutional Rights and Individual Liberty. Instead of trying to protect people from themselves because Uncle Sam knows best and they are going to take our money from us. In order to protect us from ourselves. Like with parts of the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention of Terrorist Suspects. And other Legislation, then America as great as a country its now, would be even better.