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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Sarah Palin Clueless on 1st Amendment Chick-Fil-A": Why Sarah Palin is Wrong About The First Amendment

First of all I would like to know what Sarah Palin is not clueless about when it comes to politics or the First Amendment. She doesn't seem be able to get through an interview without saying something thats simply dead wrong, that someone of sound mind and intelligence. Wouldn't be trying to pass off as the truth, I bet you could count the things that Governor Palin is and I'm going to show a certain amount of respect here. I bet you count the number of things that Governor Palin is knowledgeable about, you could count on one hand and probably not need all five fingers. But having said that Americans basically do have the Constitutional Right to basically say whatever the hell they want to. As long as we are not threatening people, inciting riots or libeling people. We even have the Constitutional Right to be excuse the word if you are offended by words like this, we have the Constitutional Right to be assholes. Again as long as we are not threatening, inciting riots or libeling people, yes Americans have the Constitutional Right to Hate Speech. Which is how the Sarah Palin's of the World and other Neoconservatives are able to make a living, that might sound harsh but thats how they make their money by hating and scaring people.

But our First Amendment Right, the most important Amendment in the US Constitution, which is why as a Liberal myself. I defend all peoples right to speak out, right or left, the First Amendment protects us from Government Sanctions, not how someone you spoke out against, like the owner of Chick- Filet to use as an example. With what he said about Homosexuals, in how people could respond from it, for example I or any other American could go to a rally or speech. Thats given by the President and someone could yell out, Mr. President you are an asshole, you are an Illegal Immigrant from Kenya. And as long as that person is not threatening the President, they won't have to worry about the Secret Service or other Federal Law Enforcement agencies, from arresting that person. But the person who said those things might have to worry about someone saying something unfriendly to them in retaliation, like you are an ignorant prick or something. Show some respect to use as examples.

So to sum up for anyone whose still awake from after reading this, is that yes Americans can basically say whatever we want to. Except for the exceptions that I laid out, without having to worry about Government Sanctions coming as a consequence. That doesn't mean we can say whatever we want to, to other people without them being able to respond to what we said to them. To use as an example an asshole can't call someone else and asshole and not realistically expect that person won't respond. They can't stop that person from responding, we can say what we want to but their are consequences that can come from how we talk to others, by the people affected by themselves.