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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Third party time?: The Role of The Libertarian and Progressive Parties in The 2012 Elections

With all things being equal and the 2012 Presidential Election was a real three way race. With all three contenders within ten points or so of winning the Presidency, I would vote for Gary Johnson for President. Because he out of the three bests represents my politics as a Liberal Democrat. Even though Governor Johnson is the Libertarian Presidential Nominee. On most Economic and Foreign Policy issues, I've liked the job that President Obama has done but on some of the key social issues. Which for any real Liberal Democrat, someone who knows they are a Liberal Democrat and aren't afraid to let the rest of the country know. A lot of these key issues which for any real Liberal Democrat, are no brainers, like Same Sex Marriage, the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, Warrantless Wiretapping, Indefinite Detention or the Patriot Act. The President has been stuck in the mushy middle as a lot of people call it or even taken the Neoconservative position. Of basically we can't let people be free to live their own lives, because without National Security, we can't have freedom. Which to put it as bluntly as I can without cussing, is a pile of garbage. No real Democrat believes that and neither does Gary Johnson.

And yes this election is about the economy and who has the best plan to deal with it. I prefer how Gary Johnson address's the debt and deficit, which is about eliminating wasteful Tax Loopholes. And reforming the Safety Net by putting it into the power of the States and people, the people closest to the scene and reforming the Defense Budget, by pulling our troops out of Developed Nations. Where we don't need to be and can no longer afford to be, which doesn't make us weaker because those countries can defend themselves. But President Obama has a better economic plan to get the country moving again thats based around Middle Class Tax Cuts and rebuilding the country. Which would reenergize our Construction and Manufacturing Industries, as well as an Energy Policy that would help move us towards Energy Independence. It would be nice to merge Gary's Social Views with Barack's Economic Policies and you would have a great President.

This election is yes about the economy but even more important then that, if you are a Democrat, left, middle or far left its about defeating Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney and a Tea Party Congress would be horrible for the economy and our freedoms. We would go back to George W. Bush Borrow and Spend Economics, merged with Neoconservatism when it comes to Social Freedom and National Security. This idea that enough Liberal Democrats and Libertarian Republicans will form a large enough coalition for Gary Johnson to win the Presidency, is not going to happen. With a coalition like that at best Gary could get 10-15% of the vote. With either Barack or Mitt winning a razor thin election. And if these aren't good enough reasons to vote for the President for Progressive Democrats, you have the Green Party with their 1-2% of the vote.