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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Al Jazeera: National Guard deployed to NY's Lower East Side

New York coming together to deal with Hurricane Sandy

AlterNet: Rachel Tabachnick: "The Right's 'School Choice' Scheme"

The Right's 'School Choice' Scheme | Alternet

The lets say Far Left to be real about this, there are times to be diplomatic and then there are time when. You simply need to be real and this is one of those times but the Far Left's opposition to School Choice, Progressives. Who see the Public Education Monopoly as the only solution to Education Reform in America, a Monopoly thats a big reason why we are now. 39th in the World in education rather in the top ten and a big reason why our poverty is now so high compared with the rest of the Developed World. Because we simply don't have enough people finishing school and getting the education that they need to. Be successful in life and not have to be raised in poverty and have to raise their kids in poverty either, thats why. School Choice is popular in America, because we have all of these parents in the country who see that their kids. Are simply not getting a good education and stuck going to a bad school, simply because of where they live, not because of their kids ability learn in this country.

Any criticism of bad schools or teachers in this country or criticism about Public Education Unions in this country. Progressives see as an attack on teachers, Public Education and Labor Unions, when this is really about at least coming from Democrats and some good Republicans an attack on bad education. Bad teachers and Teacher Unions who simply have too much power in this country and represent a brick. Wall against serious Education Reform that would improve our schools.