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Sunday, December 16, 2012

AlterNet: Sam Sacks: "Why You Can Kiss Public Education and the Middle Class Goodbye": Why This Article is Dead Wrong

Why You Can Kiss Public Education (and the Middle Class) Goodbye | Alternet

I'll admit I don't read the AlterNet because I see it as a great wealth of facts and knowledge, actually its a good. Source to find out what's not going on in the World and from time to time it has some good columns in it that are provocative. And gives me something to think about and a chance to write a counter to it on my blog but the article I just read from them. Is not even interesting in the sense that wow they make some good points, I disagree with them but I could. See why an intelligent person would believe that, this latest article about public education would be an example of that. About charter schools where the writer made the claim that charter schools are private and privately funded. Which is completely false charter schools are publicly funded and are independent public schools that don't have. To deal with the red tape of the public education system and doesn't pay teachers based on how long that they've been teaching. But pays teachers based on the work that they do and what their students are learning and now much they are learning. Doesn't promote students to the next grade because of their age but promotes them when they are academically ready. For the next level to use as examples.

I can understand why people would support public education, I'm a product of public education myself and also support it. Thats not the question, the question is are we in favor of good public education where all students no matter. What the income level of their parents are, has the opportunity to get a good education in life or are we going to support. Public education no matter how well its doing, because we have some ideological belief that Progressives tend to have. That education is the role of government and we should only have public schools and we should always be. In favor of teachers no matter the job that they are doing because they are teachers and shouldn't judge teachers. Based on the job that they are doing but how long they've been doing that job and we should've advance students based. On how well they are doing academically but how long they've been in school, I just laid out some of the main. Differences between a charter school run independently and a public school run by the system.

Education like any other profession if it doesn't have choice and standards and people aren't help accountable. Its going to suffer and most importantly the people who are the customers of the system are going to suffer even more. Which is why we have to hold teachers and students accountable to get the most out of them which is why charter schools. Is an answer to reforming public education in America but not the only answer, we are going to need to do more as well.