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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Abdul Hakim: Video: The Democratic Left in America: The Diversity of Leftist Ideology

When I'm talking about the Democratic-Left in America of course I'm talking about the Democratic Party. Because thats where most of the Leftists in the country are affiliated if they are a member of a political party at all. But I'm talking about the broader Leftist movement in America that includes Liberals but also Democratic-Socialists or Social-Democrats. People who tend to be called Progressives but I guess you could add Communists to that as well. But if they are Communists with how Communism has tended to be practiced. In Europe, Asia and other places, they really aren't left or right but Authoritarian or Statist across the board. People who simply don't believe in freedom at all at least how Communism is practiced in the Communist Republic of Korea or the way. It use to be practiced in Cuba before they opened up their economy and even how Cubans could travel and even practice religion. Far from a Democracy of any sort but not as Statist of a country that they use to be.

The American left is not that different from the left in Canada. In America we have the Democratic Party which is the official Liberal Party, the Center-Left Party of this country. Made up of Liberal and Social-Democrats who are further left of Liberal-Democrats with some. Centrists in it as well and Canada has a Liberal Party and a Conservative Party and they look like Liberal-Democrats for the most part. The Conservatives in Canada look more like Democrats then they do Republicans in America. Canada doesn't have a religious or Neoconservative-Right but they do have Conservative-Libertarians. As well as a broader Libertarian movement. The New Democratic Party in Canada looks like the Progressive Caucus or Green Party in America. They are the Social-Democratic or Democratic-Socialist Party in that country.

Liberal-Democrats and Social-Democrats tend to look very similar on social issues. That is Social-Democrats who are Socialist-Liberals, people who are Progressive or Socialist on. Economic policy but Liberal on social issues but then there are Progressives who are Paternalistic to put it nice, Statist to be more accurate on social issues. Who believe government should be able to prevent or stop people from being mean or saying bad things to each other. Be able to control what we can eat or drink and smoke, prohibition is essentially a Progressive or even Paternalistic idea. People like this would ban junk food and drink to use as examples and perhaps tobacco and alcohol as. Well and probably would outlaw guns all together for private use. But Liberal-Democrats tend to agree with Social-Democrats who are Socialist-Liberals on social issues but we tend to differ. When it comes to economic and foreign policy.

I write this blog for a couple of reasons. One as a Liberal-Democrat I'm tired of Liberals being made to look like Dennis Kucinich or Bernie Sanders. Two men I have a lot of respect for but who are both way to the left of me on economic policy. And a lot more dovish of foreign policy and national security, even though we tend to agree when it comes to social issues and. Civil liberties but those two men are Social-Democrats, Socialist-Liberals even but not Liberal on all issues. And I feel at times that I should layout what it actually means to be a Liberal in America.