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Saturday, December 24, 2011

"I wish the US was a Communist Country": A Communist Democracy?

If you look at what communism is or least how its been practiced around the World. Like in Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, the former Soviet Union. Its a very Authoritarian Governmental System where the State basically owns the entire society, economically as well as politically. You might have to ask the Central Government permission to blow your nose. And the Central Government controls where you work, where you live, most of your money. They own the economy, whether you can open up a church, hold Public Gatherings etc. At least thats how communism is practiced in North Korea. China, Vietnam and Cuba have moderated especially economically and become lest authoritarian. Some people refer to Neoconservatives as Conservative but they are not. They are authoritarian which is how communism has been practiced around the World. There isn't a single Democratic Nation around the World that refers to itself as a Communist State. The closest countries would be what are called Socialist Democracy's especially in Scandinavia. Where Social Liberty is very Liberal but where Economic Liberty is highly regulated and taxed. And where there are even some Publicly Owned Company's,

Scandinavia again would be a pretty good example of how Democratic Socialism is practiced. Communism as its been practiced around the World is a very Authoritarian Political Ideology. Where a lot of the people in these countries have literally escaped. Like Slavic Peoples escaping from Eurasia to go to Democratic States in Europe and America. Or Cubans escaping Cuba to go Florida and other States in America. Communism has been practiced as an Authoritarian Ideology where they've generally come to power through some type of Military Revolution. Like in Cuba and Vietnam because the Central Government doesn't trust its own people. And is worried that if their people get the freedom to live their own lives, they might decide to throw out the government. There's of course another Big Government theory to communism in how its been practiced, that people are basically stupid. And they need Big Government to take care of them, which as a Liberal Democrat myself I find very insulting.

The future of socialism in the World and even in America but in America where there chances of succeeding are very slim. Is through Democratic Socialism building Socialist Democracy's and getting past Classical Socialism. Where the State owns the Means of Production in Society. But moving to the Scandinavian or British Model, where Social Liberty is very Liberal which is how I love it. But where the Central Government plays a heavy role in providing Human Services for its people. Things that they wouldn't trust the Private Sector to manage, where they don't believe there should be Profit Motives. Like in Healthcare, Health Insurance, Education, Banking perhaps. And where the rest of the Private Sector is heavily taxed and regulated to finance the Welfare State. An Economic System I'm not a fan of as a Liberal Democrat. And get past the notion that Big Government knows best about everything.

Friday, December 23, 2011

John Stossel vs Michael Moore: Socialized Medicine: Pros and Cons

This blog is not about bashing Cuba or Socialism, I'm actually going to point out a few things that the Castro Regime does well. Considering that they are a Third World Country, remember Third World, America First World. The richest country in the World but having said that, Cuba does have a pretty good Education and Healthcare System. But they have a terrible Economic System main reason why they are a Third World country. Despite their Educated Class, their Natural Resources, all of the money they could be making with a Tourism Industry alone. I mean they are pretty decent size island in the Caribbean with beautiful Cuban Women and everything else. If they just invested those resources in the economy. Established a large Private Sector with restaurants, hotels, Sporting Events agriculture, their Energy Sector, food. I would love to try Cuban Food at some point and if they just installed what I would call Cuban Capitalism. Or Raul Castronomics, to go along with their Welfare State. You could be talking about a First World country maybe within 20-30 years. Depending how they established Rule of Law, so Cuba doesn't become like Russia during the Yeltzin Administration. Where they basically had Cowboy Economics where the new Private Company's went to the people with the best Federal Government connections. They could do all of these things, even if they were to stay a Communist Republic with one party rule and perhaps end up becoming like Hong Kong.

Having said all of that if you read FRSFreeStates on a regular basis or just read my blog last night on Healthcare Reform. You know by now I'm not a Socialist and I'm not making a case for Socialism. What I'm arguing for and what the Castro Regime is trying to install in Cuba right now. Is an Economic System that would work there and I believe the Scandinavia Model of Democratic Socialism. Where people would have the ability again with their Education System to chart their own course in life. And then their Welfare State would still be there for Healthcare, Health Insurance and people who fall through the cracks of the economy. I wouldn't want to see that type of Economic System in America as a Liberal Democrat. Where we have the Freedom of Choice to make a lot of these decisions for ourselves. Whether its for Healthcare, Health Insurance, pension etc. But in a country of only 11M people where they are probably used to a heavy dose of Big Government and Uncle Fidel. Their system would work their if they privatized a lot of their economy and give the Cuban People a chance to see what they can do for themselves. Instead of Havana trying to Centrally Plan Everyday Life in Cuba.

I'm glad I haven't seen the Sickco Movie by Michael Moore, probably could've gotten better information from Russia Today or Fox News. Which aint say anything, sounds like Big Mike got a lot of his information from the Communist State about Cuba. And already had a pretty good idea what he was going to say in his movie. And just used to the Castro Regime to back up his views that he already had going in.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Health Care Should Be A Right To Life in America!": We already have Healthcare but how to pay for it

We already have Healthcare as a Legal Right not Constitutional but as a Legal Right at least for emergency's. If you get sick or hurt and you end up at an Emergency Room and end up in a Hospital for at least a period of time. The doctors have to by law give you the Healthcare that you need in order for you to survive. At least in the short term and if you want to go farther then that, we need Congress to pass a new law. And how we pay for that which is the dumbest part of the American Healthcare System by passing those costs. Down to people who pay for their own Health Insurance and Healthcare. With a Healthcare Mandate, people will be forced to cover the expenses of their own Healthcare. Whether its out of pocket like with Health Savings Account or through Health Insurance. If they can't afford their own Health Insurance, then they get covered by Medicaid or Medicare. But they get covered they start paying for the decisions they make with their lives and are held accountable for their decisions. If you want to go farther then that, you need Congress to pass a new law. And get that signed by the President or we need a Constitutional Amendment to pass one. The reason why we don't go farther then that, so we don't get forced to subsidize bad decisions of others.

People who decide to take care of themselves, shouldn't be forced to subsidize the bad decisions of people. Who eat horribly, don't exercise, being addicted to alcohol or other drugs. People basically have the right to live their lives as smart or stupidly as you can afford. But people who make the right decisions with their lives, shouldn't be penalized. By being forced to cover the stupid people in how they live their lives. I just heard Progressive Talk Radio Host Thom Hartmann who I do respect for his honesty. Even though I can't think of a damn thing that we agree on. Hartmann is a collectivist and I'm an individualist as a Liberal Democrat, a huge believer in Individual Liberal. Other then maybe some Social Issues. Like the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and perhaps a few other things. Just moderate one of his positions, For as long as I can remember I've heard Thom Hartmann who I listen to somewhat frequently on the web mostly. Say we need a Single Payer Medicare For All Healthcare System. Eliminate the Private Health Insurance Industry, have Medicare be the only option for people in America as far as how they pay for their Health Insurance. And that they wouldn't get a choice at all, they would be forced to pay for Medicare and take it.

If you listen to this video, you'll here with your ears are open and actually pay attention. You'll hear Thom Hartmann say, maybe we don't need Medicare for all, maybe a Public Option allowing people and employers pay into Medicare would work as well. Thats what I've been arguing for from day one as far as how we expand Health Insurance in America. A Public Option giving the people the Freedom of Choice, especially the people who currently can't afford to pay for Health Insurance. The ability to decide for themselves how they pay for their Healthcare as long as they pay for it. Thats the type of Healthcare System we need in America, not Uncle Sam putting his big foot up our ass. Telling us how to pay for our own Healthcare.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"A Deeper Crisis is Coming, We Must Control the Banks": Public Banking System in America

We'll never Nationalize the Banking System in America, thats a Socialist Pipe Dream that Progressives will never accomplish. Nor should we because the Federal Government doesn't do a very good job of what its runs now. Besides the Banking System represents too much of the American Economy so that would never happen. Give the Feds the Banking System one day, then they can get the Auto Industry the next day, Airline Industry the next day and so on. Making the United States look like the Soviet Union which never had a very strong economy. Despite its population, land and Educated Class but we can have a much better Banking System in America. If we first regulate it better by not allowing banks to become "Too Big to Fail" in the first place. By forcing them to sell off assets at Market Value once they reach a certain size. Forcing banks to purchase Bankruptcy Insurance so they would never have to be bailed out by Tax Payers. Instead banks would be forced to pay for their own mistakes not Tax Payers. We could even have a Non Profit Banking System to go along with For Profit Banking System. Not run by the Federal Government they would be Independent, Semi Private and Non Profit. Oregon is looking right now at how to accomplish this which is the way to go. Instead of the Federal Government trying to force it down the throats of people and forcing them to use a Public Bank.

If we had a Banking System that first saves the American Banking System so we have no more AIGs in the future. No more "Too Big to Fails", by regulating it properly, not under or over regulating it. And yes expanding Freedom of Choice which is one my favorite terms as a Liberal Democrat. With a Public Banking System not run by the Federal Government but allowing each State to set up their own. Public Banking System that would be Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Independent. Of all governments except that they would all be regulated. To give consumers again more Freedom of Choice in how they do their own banking. Providing Private For Profit Banks Real Competition, which would hopefully force them to get their act together. And not do things like raising fees and cutting services just to expand their profits. Because that kind of behavior would cost them customers because consumers. Would then have the option of going to another Private Bank that provides a better service at a more affordable rate. Or they could also go to a Public Bank and do business with a Non Profit Bank.

Anytime you have a situation where a Private Industry is struggling financially like in a recession and it takes that out on its customers. By cutting services and raising fees, my answer is always to expand Freedom of Choice. To Empower Consumers not Government to get the Bad Actors to act more responsibly or go out of business. Without hurting the economy and then let the people decide for themselves how to receive these services. Thats what Freedom of Choice is about.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thom Hartmann on Barack Obama from 2009: Lays Down Truth about the President

As Thom Hartmann says in this interview, Barack Obama is not a "Movement Progressive". He wasn't a "Movement Progressive" when he ran for President in 2007-08, or when he was in the Senate. Barack Obama comes from the Bill Clinton-Jack Kennedy faction of the party. The actual Liberal Wing of the party which is different from the Progressive Socialist Wing of the party. That Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader if he was still a Democrat, the Progressive Caucus and others in the party. That want to make America like Europe, if thats what you want from a President. Then thats the type of Presidential Candidate you need to throw your support behind. You need to get behind Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich and others for President if thats what you want in a President. And put aside the fact that someone like that can't get elected President in America and just work as hard as you can to get that person elected President. Barack Obama has never said that he's part of the Progressive Movement, he was against the Iraq War. Like a lot of democrats but not because he believes that America should never go to war but because he believes the Iraq War was a "Stupid War". Which is different if Progressive Democrats were expecting President Obama to be a pacifist, then they must of been high. At one of their Hippie Camps or something.

You don't keep Bob Gates as your Secretary of Defense. And Jim Jones as your Director of National Security if your a pacifist, you appoint Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader, Ron Paul even to one of those jobs if thats who you are. Barack Obama when he ran for President knew the fastest way to get the Democratic Nomination. Was through getting Progressive Democrats and thats exactly what he did. Not to be like them just to get their support to win the Presidential Election but then as President. Because campaigning of course is different from governing, you govern based on what you believe in and what you believe you can get done. And hopefully you stay as close to what you campaign on but you do the job the best you can. And thats what I believe President Obama is doing right now with mixed results. As a Liberal Democrat who's to the left of the President on most if not all Social Issues but on Economic and Foreign Policy. I tend to agree with the President, on some of these other National Security issues where we tend to disagree. Like on the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and others.

Obama wasn't my first choice for President. I voted for him because he was the best available candidate at the time. My first choice Al Gore but he didn't run, 2nd choice Bill Ricahrdson but his campaign didn't go anywhere. And then I settled for Hillary Clinton, I thought he ran way too far to the left in the Democratic Primary's and was going to be the next George McGovern. But then he came back to the Adult Left and moved away from the Far Left in the General Election. If your dizzy now I understand but I wasn't expecting Barack Obama to be a God back then and have been proven right ever since.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Great Debate: Thom Hartmann vs Michael Medved: Role of Government in a Free Society

Ask me what the Role of Government is and I'll tell you and a lot of people across the Political Spectrum. Not everyone of course but the Role of Government in a Free Society Liberal Democracy. Is to protect Individual Liberty and Constitutional Rights of Individuals and everything that government does should be to defend those things. Including with things like defending the Constitution, Law Enforcement, National Security. So Free People can live with at least some basic level of security. So again they have the Individual Liberty to live their own lives as they see fit. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with their Liberty. And also with what's called regulation so people aren't abusing each other or the country in an unfair way. Like with unsafe Working Conditions to use as an example, so people get paid for the work that they do to use as examples. Again so people can live their own lives but they just can't hurt Innocent People with their activities. I'm all for helping people who are down and can't take care of themselves. Get themselves on their feet so again they can have the freedom to take to live their own lives as they see fit. Again as long as they are not hurting any Innocent People with what they are doing. I just don't believe the Federal Government should be running the Safety Net or Public Charity. But that all of these Public Services would be better run as Semi Private, Non Profit Community Services. Let each State have their own Social Welfare System that the Federal Government would regulate.

I believe in things like the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Limited Government, Individual Liberty and Freedom of Choice. And the job of government and I argue the only job of government, is to protect these things. Thats what living in a Liberal Democracy which is what America is, is all about. Some people may say especially progressives when they argue for a Single Payer Healthcare System. That Liberal Democracy is about Majority Rule, well sure in most elections except for the Presidential Election. And when their are more then one candidate on the ballot in an election. At that point the candidate who receives the most votes can get elected or reelected. A Governmental System thats based on Majority Rule would be a Majoritarian Democracy. So to use Healthcare as an example, if 51% or more decide that they want Single Payer Medicare For All. Or to ban Hand Guns or make homosexuality illegal and there are people who believe in doing these things. But they are a minority, then all of those things would happen. The minority that likes their Health Insurance or Health Savings Account, would be forced to give those things up. Because the majority thinks those things are bad and the minority would be forced to pay for an take Medicare as their Health Insurance.

In a Liberal Democracy people get to decide for themselves how to pay for their Healthcare. Or if they want to own a gun have an affair with someone of the same gender, gamble their own money etc. If government just concentrated on defending Constitutional Rights and Individual Liberty. Instead of trying to protect people from themselves because Uncle Sam knows best and they are going to take our money from us. In order to protect us from ourselves. Like with parts of the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention of Terrorist Suspects. And other Legislation, then America as great as a country its now, would be even better.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Nation: John Nichols- How To Build a Movement

Source: The Nation- Socialist columnist and commentator John Nichols 
Source: The Nation John Nichols- How To Build a Movement

Here comes another progressive socialist party the so called Justice Party. I got this wild hunch they believe in justice, but its a little early to tell they are just getting started, to go along with the Progressive Caucus, which is basically a political party inside of the Democratic Party. The actual Progressive Party, of course the Democratic Socialist Party. Probably the largest of the group and the Green Party that both Ralph Nader and Cynthia Mckinney have run for President for. So what the so-called progressive movement in America now has is basically four third parties and a party within the Democratic Party.

To be frank, Socialists are really outnumbered in Democratic Party where Center-Left Liberals and Progressives, where hold most of the leadership offices, almost all of them. Progressives have the House Minority Leader position with Nancy Pelosi, who ideologically is with them. But is a very skillful politician one of the best in Congress. Who is smart enough to know that you can't lead a large caucus with just a faction of it. Which is what the Progressive Caucus represents in the Democratic Party and that kinda gets to my point. Because when you have four groups all fighting for the same goals and policy's and fighting each other to decide who gets to lead plus fighting both Democrats and Republicans to be able to lead, you end up trying to swim upstream with one arm. And its counterproductive.

The social democratic movement get divided, when you have competing factions all fighting for the same things. See, the libertarian movement already has a party of their own, (any guesses in what its called) as well as members in both the Republican and Democratic party's, but take those Libertarian Republicans and Democrats out of it and recruit Libertarian Independents, the libertarian movement could be a major force in American politics. If you take the Democratic Socialists, really all of these people are Democratic Socialists whether they call themselves that or not, from all the outside party's and the Democratic Party, you put together a strong social democratic third party.

A new socialist party along with the Green Socialists, the Progressive Caucus, whatever social democratic Independents there might be and of course whatever recruiting and fundraising they are able to do in the future, now you got at least a major third party for the socialist movement that they could start with. And they are able to do in the future, would be based on how they are able to recruit and sell their message to the American public. They would start off with fifty plus seats in the House right off the bat with the Progressive Caucus. And less than a handful in the Senate, Bernie Sanders and others.

Take Representative Maxine Waters with you get her the hell out of the Democratic Party , with all of her conspiracy theories and everything else. You might want to get her some help as well but that might be another question. Representative Waters is the Michele Bachmann or Jim DiMint of the Democratic Party. Otherwise you basically have four or five different socialist candidates saying the basically the same exact things. Taking votes away from each other.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Move On: Robert Reich- Puts An Offer on The Table For President Obama

Source: Move On-
Source: Move On: Robert Reich- Puts an Offer on The Table For President Obama

What so-called Progressives need to understand is what President Obama is doing, this whole campaign about class warfare, is exactly that, a campaign. To get the Far-Left in the Democratic Party behind him for 2012. The exact same play or very close to it that he ran in 2007-08 to get this base behind him to win the Democratic nomination for President that he played masterfully. But then in the general election he became a Center-Left Progressive Democrat. Because he knew he needed the Democratic Party behind him, but he also needed Independent voters behind him as well.

Thats how Senator Barack Obama won Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, as well and Colorado. States that the Republican nominee has to win in order to get elected President. The President is not running this campaign because he believes in the so-called progressive agenda. If thats what so-called Progressives (Democratic Socialists, really) want, then they should vote for the Progressive Party nominee or the Socialist Party nominee. Neither Nominee of course would win but at least they would be ideologically in sync. President Obama believes in the Democratic agenda which is why he's a Progressive Democrat.

Center-Left Democrats have similar goals of Democratic Socialists, but different policy's to accomplish those goals. You're not going to see the President offer a single payer Medicare For All plan, or a plan to nationalize big banks. Or a plan to let all of the tax cuts expire including for the middle class. Or I'm sure a lot of other things that so-claled Progressive Economist Bob Reich wants to do.

So before Democratic Socialists throw all of their support behind President Obama and unless they want a President Gingrich or Romney, they have to get behind the President and Democratic Party. And then perhaps try to recruit more of their members in the Democratic Party. Or recruit their own members to the Progressive Party for 2014-16, they have to get behind the President. And not cost Democrats another election in Congress or cost them the White House. Because they didn't bother to vote or voted for people who lost overwhelmingly.

President Obama wants to pass his own agenda to restore American capitalism and make it work for the whole country. The other 90-99%, not tear down American capitalism and move to democratic socialism thats common in Europe. And he knows he needs the entire Democratic Party behind him to accomplish this. He knows he needs to get reelected obviously and that Senate Democrats need to hold on. And he needs more House Democrats if not a Democratic majority with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. But he can't accomplish this with just Progressives, Liberals and Centrists. He already has those people. He needs Democratic Socialists as well and thats what this latest campaign is all about.

So for Democratic Socialists to get behind the President for 2012, as a Progressive Democrat, I believe thats great. Because that means President Obama's approval rating will go up and get near 50%. If he gets there and holds it, he's basically a lock to get reelected. But Socialists should know why he's doing this campaign, to get reelected because its about politics.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Why Private Insurers At All?": Lets Let the People Decide about their own Health Insurance

The reason why he have Private Insurers at all is the same reason why we have Private Automakers, Private Hospitals Private anything else. That we purchase as a country, because its up to individuals not government to decide how they get these services. Which is something that I don't believe Supporters of Single Payer Medicare For All Health Insurance doesn't understand. That lets say hypothetically Government Health Insurance is the best, I don't believe it is. But for the purpose of this blog I'll put it hypothetically. Great then the people who want that would be able to get that Health Insurance. On their own if you expanded Medicare to cover that and the people who disagree with that 60% of the population. That likes their current Health Insurance, which was the whole point of President Obama and the Democratic Leadership. In the 2009-10 Healthcare Reform Debate saying that if you like your current Health Insurance you can keep it. But if you don't you can purchase the Public Option. Instead of government saying that we know best and we are going to by force make you purchase Medicare For All. A Public Option is about Freedom of Choice, unlimited Free and Fair Open Competition. Medicare For All is about Big Government knows best and this is how its going to be so deal with it. Eliminating Freedom of Choice in Health Insurance perhaps even Healthcare as a whole. Thats why Single Payer has never been on the table in these Healthcare Debates, because the American People generally want to make these decisions on their own. Without Big Government trying to make these decisions for them.

Some of the reasons why proponents of Single Payer Medicare For All Health Insurance say that thats the Healthcare System. We should have, the rest of the Industrial World has it and its free. The free argument isn't made that much anymore because even they know its not true and so does a lot of the country as well. The rest of the Industrial World argument, well if the rest of the Industrial World is Canada, Scandinavia and maybe Australia. Combine population of 80M people, then they are correct but of course thats not true. Even Britain one of the most if not most Socialist Democracy in the World. Now has Private Options in both Healthcare and Health Insurance. France considered by a lot of people, including myself believe has the best Healthcare System in the World. Has Private Options and Public Options in both Healthcare and Health Insurance. So does Germany Holland, Britain, Italy Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan and others. So what's the reaming argument, that Medicare has lower costs. Great then Medicare should do a better job of getting the word out on that and maybe they would have more customers. And people who like their current Health Insurance can stick to that, thats what Freedom of Choice is about. Letting the individuals make these decisions for themselves, instead of government making them for them.

I supported the Public Option in the Healthcare Reform Debate and put it in my own Healthcare Reform Plan in my blogs. Because of course there are too many abuses in the Private Health Insurance System. And a big reason why our Healthcare Costs are way to high and that they needed to be regulated. With new Consumer Protections and needed more competition but again what's the two words in Public Option. Hopefully you don't need someone to tell you the answer to that, its a Public Option that people would be Free to Choose. Or Free not to Choose, their decision because thats what Freedom of Choice is about, the Freedom of individuals to make these Personal Decisions on their own. Not government making them for them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wendy McElroy Defends Pornography for Women: Freedom of Choice

I take issues like pornography, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prostitution, gambling, Video Games, music, movies, abortion go down the line all of the Personal Choice Issues. In how I decide whether they should be legal or not. And if they are legal or illegal and under what conditions. I ask this basic simple question, would society be better off if we were freer or less freer and how we decide these issues. Should government step in and decide for the people themselves whether they can do these things or not. That would be the less freer approach and once they are given that power. They'll probably say no or should we allow Free People to make these decisions for themselves. That would be the free approach and if we go in that direction. One thing could be added to if you decide these activities should they be legal or not. Should they be Legal with Regulation acknowledging that we are better off having these activities be free because we live in a Free Society. And the costs of making these activities are too high to pay, because we know for a fact that these activities. Are going to happen anyway regardless, gambling, prostitution, marijuana are perfect examples of that. So knowing that these activities are going to happen anyway, should we make them legal. So then we can regulate them and make them as safe as possible, to limit the abuses in the system. Instead of locking away people for what they do with their own free time and haven't hurt anyone.

I always come down on the side as a liberal that people in a Liberal Democracy should have the right to live their own lives. As they see fit as long as they aren't hurting anyone else with their freedom. That you can gamble your own money if you choose to, smoke a joint if you choose to, pay for sex and company if you choose to. Accept money for sex if you choose to, have a drink, smoke tobacco if your choose to, Free Adults that is. As long as your not hurting other people with what your doing and you don't force people to do your activities. And then you regulate these activities to make them as safe as possible. Alcohol, tobacco, pornography are all perfect examples of this. Thats what Freedom of Choice is in a Liberal Democracy. And a big reason why I'm a Liberal Democrat, because I believe Free Adults should have the Individual Liberty to make these decisions for themselves. Thats what being a liberal is about the right for Free Adults to live their own lives as long as they are not hurting other with what they are doing. Freedom of Choice is not just about Economic Liberty, thats definitely a component to Freedom of Choice. But Social Liberty as well.

I would never smoke a joint, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, sell myself for money, pay for sex, gamble my money other then the Stock Market and Business Ventures. And because of all these things and perhaps other reasons as well, you might see me as very lame. But that doesn't mean I'm capable of making those decisions or government is capable of making those decisions for other people. Thats what Freedom of Choice is about the Freedom to Choose or not to Choose thats the decisions of Free Adults. And its a good system to have.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

William Greider The Nation: On Nationalizing the Banking System: Socialist Wet Dream

In January 2009 there was an opportunity for Democratic Socialists in America to carry out their Grand Vision for America. To establish their own Governmental System Economic and otherwise. Establish their Welfare State bring Sweden to America so to speak, a couple problems however. And thats even before I get to why it wouldn't work, they didn't have the White House or Congress. But I'm going to lay out what they would've tried to establish had they had the power to do so. First I would lay out the things that would've been more possible but not likely to pass. With lets say and this could give me a nightmare, Dennis Kucinich as President, with lets Jan Shakowski as his Vice President. Two of the leading Members of the Progressive Caucus as President and Vice President instead of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi because she's from this Faction of the Democratic Party would still be Speaker of the House. But only Progressives would hold positions in the Democratic Leadership. So somebody like Lynn Woolsey would be the Leader instead of Steny Hoyer, Leader Hoyer who I like a lot. Sandy Levin as Chairman of Ways and Means and go down the line. Bernie Sanders would be Leader of the Senate, Sherrod Brown would be his Deputy. Instead of Harry Reid and Dick Durbin, Deputy Leader Durbin might be my favorite Member of Congress. Because he's brutally honest and a real Liberal Democrat. So they now in Fantasy Land the Progressive Caucus would have the Leaders they need to pass their Progressive Agenda and bring real Democratic Socialism to America.

Remember its the Heart of the "Great Recession" we are losing 700K plus jobs per month and thats before Barack Obama becomes President. And we are losing -7% in Economic Growth each month as well, when would there be a better time for a New Deal Stimulus Plan. So an Economic Recovery Act probably around 2T$ or more all in new Federal Government Investment no new Tax Cuts. They would repeal all of the Bush Tax Cuts, the Clinton Tax Cuts, the Reagan Tax Cuts, the Kennedy Tax Cuts. And create things like the Works Projects Administration and all these new Federal Programs designed to hire people to work for them. Doing Infrastructure Investment no more Private Sector jobs doing this work. The Auto and Banking Industry's both failing at the time, so they both get nationalized. President Kucinich says it will only be short term. But after they screw that up, they'll tell the American People this is not the right time. To Privatize National Assets, a few months into the Kucinich Administration. They move to Nationalize the Healthcare Industry saying Healthcare Providers shouldn't make profits on providing Healthcare. Of course I'm calling this is a Wet Dream because we'll probably never have a Socialist President Democratic or Classical. But this is what they would attempt to accomplish if they could.

What a better time then in 2009 had Socialists in America had the power to try to pass just parts of their agenda. And what a better time for them to say, see we told you American Capitalism has failed. Americans have too much Economic Liberty they don't know what to do with it. We need Uncle Sam to come in and save the day. The problem is they didn't have the votes and the power to get in office in Leadership and make their Socialist Reforms. Because we are still a Liberal Democracy and we've never put people in power to try to pass an agenda like that. Because the words socialist and socialism are still used as insults in America.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Real News: Paul Jay- Ed Schultz on Barack Obama- In 2009

Source: The Real News-
Source: The Real News: Paul Jay- Ed Schultz on Barack Obama- In 2009

It was clear pretty early on in the 2009-10 health care reform debate, that even though Democrats had the White House and Congress and large majorities in both the House and Senate, that so-called Progressive Democrats didn't have the votes for a single payer Medicare For All health care system. Not just because every single Congressional Republican was going to vote against it, including voting to block it in the Senate. But you got to remember that House Republicans and their Leader John Boehner only had 178 seats in a 435 member House. And Senate Republicans and their Leader Mitch McConnell only had 40 seats in 100 Member Senate. You need 60 votes to be get to a final vote on legislation in the Senate. Senate Democrats had 60 seats.

My point being that Congressional Republicans didn't have the power to block legislation on their own in 2009. You can blame them all you want but the fact is if Congressional Democrats held their own, they would've got the health care reform plan they wanted. But 50 plus House Democrats in the Blue Dog Coalition (fiscal conservative group in the best sense of the term). They are not supply siders, would never vote for a single payer health care plan. And maybe half of the Senate Democratic Caucus would've voted for a single payer plan. Put that together with all of the House and Senate Republicans, Congressional Democrats don't have the votes to pass single payer health care. But they did have the votes for a public Option something I support in a certain form. And I'll explain how the votes were there all along for a public option but democrats blew it.

President Obama I believe wanted a health care reform bill all along that had bipartisan Support. It would've been his LBJ Medicare moment which is how Medicare was passed in 1965. Which is why you saw so many Congressional Republican amendments on the final Affordable Care Act in 2010. He ran for President being someone who could cross the isle and bring Democrats and Republicans together. And didn't want to be viewed as another politician full of Washington hot humid air and I get that. And she should've done that.

The problem was President Obama should've figured out by I don't know late summer 2009 during the Congressional recess with the Tea Party movement taking off, that just wasn't going to happen. The Tea Party wasn't going to allow that to happen and told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid, as well as Minority Leader's Boehner and McConnell and committee Chairman and Ranking Members of jurisdiction, (I know I'm sounding really technical) the majority and Minority Leader's of these committees, that they like their plan that has the public option and Patient Bill of Rights and health care tax credit, health savings accounts in it. And they'll accept amendments from the minority in the House and Senate that they like. But the Leaderships is not going to take out of the bill what they want and they're going to go their own way.

House Democrats passed a health care reform bill in November 2009 that had exactly in it what I was talking about with only a couple of votes to spare. Senate Democrats passed basically the same bill in December with a few Republican amendments to it. But it still had the public option, health care credit and Patients Bill of Rights in it. So they should've brought the House and Senate together to work out the differences.

Put the Republican amendments in both bills and there you have it a health care reform bill, with a public option, health care tax credit, Patient Bill of Rights, Medicare reform. That fully pays for the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit of 2003, bring the bill up through reconciliation in the Senate. Meaning Minority Leader McConnell wouldn't be able to block the bill with Senate Republicans and Centrist Democrats. And you pass the Affordable Care Act in January 2010, with 220 votes in the House, 50-51 in the Senate. Huge win for President Obama and Congressional Democrats. And with the so-called Progressive Democrats feeling pretty good about the 2010 mid-term elections. But that didn't happen because Democrats blew that opportunity.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thom Hartman on Barack Obama from 2009: A Takeover of the Democratic Party?

What Progressive Socialists in the Democratic Party are facing right now is a numbers game. The numbers are just not on their side, the money as well as members in the Democratic Party. If you look at both the House and Senate or Democratic Governors, the House 50 seats maybe, Senate 3-5, Governors other then maybe Jerry Brown of California. Who used to definitely be a Progressive Democrat until he became more mainstream, partially to be Governor again. And perhaps because he also grew up, the Rossevelt Coalition and FDR was basically only a Progressive on Economic Policy. But that coalition is now gone as far as running the Democratic Party, the JFK Coalition now runs the Democratic Party. With people like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and others. I love Jesse Jackson and respect his son Jesse JR who's a Progressive Representative from Illinois. But that coalition no longer runs the DP, Liberal Democrats in the real sense. People who are very liberal on Social Issues and Foreign Policy but don't scare Private Enterprise. With High Taxes and Regulations that run them out of business either, or use Anti Business rhetoric. Who can work with the Private Sector to make the country better and this is something that Progressive Democrats hate right now. And why they are threatening to leave the Democratic Party, while others stay because they believe they have a stronger voice in a major Liberal Party then a minor Progressive Party.

Long term I believe Democratic Socialists in America including Progressive Democrats, are better off with their own Political Party. There's already a minor Third Party in America called the Progressive Party. And there's also the Democratic Socialist Party and the Green party, they wouldn't win many elections in 2012. It would probably be at least 2016 before they became any factor, but you pull these four Political Groups together into one Progressive Party. Including all of the people in the Occupy Wall Street Movement that are scattered amongst several different parties. And then progressives in America would finally have their own party that to speak to their members concerns and agendas. Get all of the Progressive Democrats in the House to become part of the Progressive Party for 2012. And run for reelection as Progressives in 2012 and get reelected. There would be a major Third Party in the House of Representatives going into the next Congress. It would cost House Democrats the control of the House for the next Congress, unless they work in coalition with House Democrats. Assuming their more Democrats and Progressives. Then republicans in the House in the next Congress and progressives would have leverage on the House Democratic Leadership to move their agenda.

For Progressives to accomplish things like having a Public Auto Company, Public Banks, Medicare For All Single Payer Health Insurance, Public Hospitals. Universal Higher Education, repeal all Tax Cuts passed since the end of the Eisenhower Administration. Build a new economy with Employee Ownership and I'm sure there's more. Then you need a Political Party thats powerful enough to deliver that agenda for you. And the Democratic Party is not a Socialist Party but a Liberal Party who disagrees with this agenda. Thats not the party to pass this agenda, Progressives need their own Political Party to get that done.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspect": Why Sen. Rand Paul makes sense

When I first about Rand Paul even though he's the son Rep. Ron Paul a Libertarian Republican Member of the House. And heard about Dr. Paul being elected to the US Senate and heard about some of the things he said. Like on the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, I thought great not seriously, another Jim DiMint Religious or Neoconservative coming to Congress. Someone who's very articulate about Economic Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility. And someone who believes people should have all of the Economic Liberty. They want but will try to tell us how to live our lives, what we can do at home etc. For example Sen. DiMint coming out in favor of making adultery a Federal Crime, which he did in late 2010. As well as a ban against pornography, unlike Sen. Paul's father Rep. Paul who's a Classical Libertarian and a big believer in Individual Liberty period. But when you hear Sen. Paul speak out against the War in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying its time that we bring our troops home. And you hear him speak out against the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention of American Citizens, which is what Sen. Mike Lee another republican did today as well. They both making the case that sacrificing Individual Liberty for National Security, is not a good deal. That we can't have National Security without Individual Liberty, that makes me feel good to be wrong about something. Because there he sounds more like a Libertarian like his father or at least like a Classical Conservative. Like former Sen. Barry Goldwater, unlike both Sen. John McCain Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee. And Sen. Lindsay Graham who I generally respect but they both have sounded like Neoconservatives in this debate.

We tried Neoconservatism with the Bush Administration for eight years when it came to National Security and everything else. And yes we haven't been attacked inside the United States and President Bush deserves some credit for it. But we've paid a heavy price for it, economically, fiscally, our reputation in the World. And I would argue we've had some of our Civil Liberties stripped from us as well, with TSA and Indefinite Detention of americans. Some of the Anti Terrorist methods we've used against Foreign Terrorists Suspects as well as apparently American Terrorists Suspects as well. And these same tactics can now be used, the Indefinite Detention, torture can now be used and will be used against American Soldiers as well. Which used to be Sen. McCain's position when he would argue against torture but apparently now he's had a change of heart. And when they are I can guarantee you whoever is President then, as well as Neoconservatives in Congress and out of Congress. Will be calling those tactics used against American Soldiers torture, I'll bet you anything on that. What are they going to say, its not torture when its used against Non American Terrorists Suspects. But when they are used by Foreign Governments against americans it is torture. They won't have a credible argument.

We didn't elect Barack Obama as a country President as well as Democrats in Congress, to have another four years of a Neoconservative Administration. And I'll give Dick Durbin the Deputy Leader of the Senate and my favorite Member of the Senate credit. He's been out front and outspoken against Indefinite Detention and Torture against americans and Foreign Suspects. He's a real Liberal Democrat like myself and speaks about these issues not just as a liberal but from his heart. Because he feels very strongly about these things but its time that other Democratic and Republican Members of Congress do the same thing as well.