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Monday, June 11, 2012

"Ed Schultz v. Media Matters, Leave Limbaugh Advertisers Alone!": Why Free Speech Works and Fascism Doesn't

I just wrote a blog accusing the Tea Party and other Neoconservatives of being Fascists and I stand behind that because its true. Its not purely an accusation but its factual, you are either with them or you are not but here's the thing, Neoconservatives don't have a monopoly when it comes to Fascism. And Progressives aren't completely innocent when it comes to Fascism, even if you are a Democrat, if you are not a Big Government Progressive. You are a Corporate Democrat or a Corporatist. And if you are a Democratic Public Official and you are not a Big Government Progressive, you are going to get a Primary Challenge from a Progressive Democrat. Just ask Senator Blanche Lincoln from 2010, who yes is more of a Centrist Democrat and not far enough to the left for me but hardly a Conservative and someone who voted with Democrats most of the time. But she was also Bi Partisan and had a tendency to work worth Congressional Republicans, which is considered a sin by the Far Left and Far Right today, just ask Senator Dick Lugar. By the way the Senator Lincoln won her Democratic Primary, even though her opponent had a lot of the Progressive Movement behind him, Organize Labor and others.

What Progressives tend to forget is that we live in a Liberal Democracy, we have a Constitutional Right to Free Speech, even is we are wrong. Again as long as we are not libeling or threatening people in public, I know someone on Facebook who believes Hate Speech is simply wrong. Which puts her at odds with the First Amendment, Federal Courts and the American Civil Liberties Union, she's actually to the right of the Liberal ACLU. This might sound superficial or something but I don't want to be friends with someone who doesn't understand the First Amendment, who thinks its too Liberal. That is the most important right we have as a country, the ability to express ourselves and say what's on our minds, again as long as we are not libeling or threatening people in public. To put it simply you are not much of a Liberal if you don't understand this but more of a Fascist.

If Progressives don't like what the Rush Limbaugh's of the World have to say, then they should take them on in the battle place of ideas. And beat them there, show the country why they are right and why Right Wingers are wrong, instead of taking the idea of, if we can't beat them we must destroy them. Because Americans aren't smart enough to tell the differences between what's right and wrong, because most of them don't look at the World as we do, so we'll make these decisions for them. And force these Right Wingers off the air to build some type of Progressively Fascist society or something.