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Saturday, December 24, 2011

"I wish the US was a Communist Country": A Communist Democracy?

If you look at what communism is or least how its been practiced around the World. Like in Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, the former Soviet Union. Its a very Authoritarian Governmental System where the State basically owns the entire society, economically as well as politically. You might have to ask the Central Government permission to blow your nose. And the Central Government controls where you work, where you live, most of your money. They own the economy, whether you can open up a church, hold Public Gatherings etc. At least thats how communism is practiced in North Korea. China, Vietnam and Cuba have moderated especially economically and become lest authoritarian. Some people refer to Neoconservatives as Conservative but they are not. They are authoritarian which is how communism has been practiced around the World. There isn't a single Democratic Nation around the World that refers to itself as a Communist State. The closest countries would be what are called Socialist Democracy's especially in Scandinavia. Where Social Liberty is very Liberal but where Economic Liberty is highly regulated and taxed. And where there are even some Publicly Owned Company's,

Scandinavia again would be a pretty good example of how Democratic Socialism is practiced. Communism as its been practiced around the World is a very Authoritarian Political Ideology. Where a lot of the people in these countries have literally escaped. Like Slavic Peoples escaping from Eurasia to go to Democratic States in Europe and America. Or Cubans escaping Cuba to go Florida and other States in America. Communism has been practiced as an Authoritarian Ideology where they've generally come to power through some type of Military Revolution. Like in Cuba and Vietnam because the Central Government doesn't trust its own people. And is worried that if their people get the freedom to live their own lives, they might decide to throw out the government. There's of course another Big Government theory to communism in how its been practiced, that people are basically stupid. And they need Big Government to take care of them, which as a Liberal Democrat myself I find very insulting.

The future of socialism in the World and even in America but in America where there chances of succeeding are very slim. Is through Democratic Socialism building Socialist Democracy's and getting past Classical Socialism. Where the State owns the Means of Production in Society. But moving to the Scandinavian or British Model, where Social Liberty is very Liberal which is how I love it. But where the Central Government plays a heavy role in providing Human Services for its people. Things that they wouldn't trust the Private Sector to manage, where they don't believe there should be Profit Motives. Like in Healthcare, Health Insurance, Education, Banking perhaps. And where the rest of the Private Sector is heavily taxed and regulated to finance the Welfare State. An Economic System I'm not a fan of as a Liberal Democrat. And get past the notion that Big Government knows best about everything.