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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Al Jazeera: Longer Lives For Women Smokers Who Quit Early

Cutting back on smoking is just one way America can cut its healthcare costs, without sacrificing freedom. Not by banning smoking just discouraging people from smoking all together, start with adolescents, as well as adults who've already started smoking, by simply saying to them. That if you choose to smoke, you do it at your own risk and no one else's, that people who've chosen not to. Smoke are no longer going to be forced to subsidize the poor health choices of people who have chosen to smoke. And you do this in a couple of ways, first through Anti Smoking Campaigns, Public Service Announcements that sorta of thing and forcing people who have chosen to smoke, to pay for the. Healthcare that they are going to need as a result of their smoking, instead of giving them free healthcare at emergency rooms, you have them pay for their own healthcare that will be needed as. A result of their smoking, through tobacco taxes, tax tobacco to the point that it can cover or at least cover most of the healthcare costs that come from smoking.

PoliticalArticles: MSNBC Hardball: Dirtballs: Sununu, Trump, Palin Amp Up Attacks to Benefit Mitt Romney

When attacks get this nasty from whoever they come from and from whatever side, it just shows you how. Desperate and worried they are about losing, all of these Right Wing attacks that are aimed at President Obama. Are targeted towards people who are called Reagan Democrats, Working Class Americans who aren't thrilled about President Obama.

S. Palmer: Grace Kelly- The American Princess

Source: S. Palmer- The Amazing Grace Kelly 
Source:The Daily Journal Plus

The United States has never really ever had official princess’s. The closest we get to that, is the First Lady of the United States, of course the wife of the President of the United States. And in many ways our First Lady, plays the role of a Princess. Someone without official power as it relates to government, but someone who represents the country wherever they go and does have the power to focus on causes she believes in. And push for things to advance whatever cause they believe in. Without the ability to officially require the President or Congress to draft legislation in behalf of their cause.

But the First Lady can bring attention and awareness to whatever cause or causes they believe in. With First Lady Michelle Obama its fighting against obesity in America. for First Lady Nancy Reagan it was fighting against illegal narcotics and drug abuse. But Grace Kelly is about the closest America has ever produced in coming up with a private Princess. Someone who possessed incredible beauty, hotness ) to be blunt or more accurate ) , baby-face adorable looks, incredible sex appeal. As well as the ability to act and sing and work with some of the best people who’ve ever worked in show business.
S. Palmer: Grace Kelly- American Princess