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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Socialism in America: What is it

Socialism is not as scary as some may believe at least the american version of it, where we have Democratic Socialism mixed in with what I call American Capitalism. Which to put it simply is based on low Tax Rates and a lot of Economic Freedom. Canada, Britain and Sweden to use as examples, they just have a lot more Democratic Socialism. And I'll explain what Democratic Socialism is later on but socialism is not as scary as some may believe, which is a line I got from a friend of mine. Who's a Democratic Socialist and wrote a blog about this couple of days ago. When a lot of americans think of socialism, they probably think of the Communist Republic of Cuba or the old Soviet Union. Where socialists come in with a Military Revolution, nationalize the banks and a lot of other industry's. Invade peoples homes and take over the ownership there as well. That kinda thing has happened before and in Cuba and Russia but thats not Democratic Socialism or even Classical Socialism and they are different. Thats what's called communism or at least how communism has been applied to all the countries that call themselves communist. And I realize there's another definition of communism that looks more like libertarianism or anarchism, what's with all the isms. But thats how communism has been enforced, power to the State at the expense of the people to govern the people to put it simply.

What Democratic Socialism is which is what I want to focus on, is a mixture of socialism and capitalism. Private Sector to go along with a lot of Public Services in the form of a Welfare State, which is what Britain and Sweden have a lot of both. As well as America to a much smaller degree. What Democratic Socialists tend to believe and I'm not trying to speak for all of them and I'm not one myself either. Is that yes there should be a Private Sector with a whole wide range of industry's. That economy's tend to run better when they are not run by Government Planning . All of these Socialist Democracy's in Europe have Capitalist Economy's but mixed in with a lot of socialism. But that the State should tax and regulate the economy heavily to stop abuses in the economy. To prevent people from making a lot more money then others, which is a form or Redistribution of Wealth. And also to finance the Welfare State to provide things like education, Unemployment Insurance, pension, Healthcare, Health Insurance transportation. And that certain services should be run by State and should be Not For Profit and I just laid those out.

What America has or used to up until the last ten years or so, now we are living through Cowboy Capitalism. Which is completely different and I won't try to explain that in this blog. But what we used to have is what I call American Capitalism and is something we need to get back to. If we want to continue to be the number one Economic Power in the World whether we have the largest GDP or not. Thats based on vast Economic Freedom, low Tax Rates, solid regulations that don't overburden the economy. Quality Public Education and quality infrastructure. And yes a Safety Net for people who fall through the cracks and can't support themselves for a period of time. Traditionally Europe spends 45-50% of its GDP on its Public Sector, America post World War II spends 20-21% of its GDP on its Public Sector. And I'm talking about the Federal Government, its bigger if you factor in State and Local Governments. Both America and Europe have socialism, Europe just has a lot more of it then we do.

Socialism is not as scary as people may think but to me its scary enough, when your talking about trying to make America more like Europe. Where we would end up sacrificing a lot of our Economic Freedom and independence and individualism. To move to a more Collectivist Society where we rely more on Big Government to take care of ourselves.

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