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Friday, June 15, 2012

'Vagina' Gets Representative Banned?: Poor Choice of Words in The GOP Campaign Against Personal Freedom

Should the word vagina gotten this Michigan State Representative banned from a House Floor Debate. Not really my call, I'm not a member of the Michigan House or live there or follow Michigan Politics, except to how it relates to National Politics. I personally don't have a problem with it, she was simply calling what a female body part is and I'll leave it there, if you want a more editorializing about it. Feel free amongst yourselves but my point is about the fact that the Representative must of had some idea what she was getting into, considering that she's a member of a Republican House in a State. Where the Michigan Republican Party has become more Neoconservative and has moved more to the right, their Governor Rick Snyder, who last year gave himself the authority. To appoint County and Municipal Executives, he would get to decide who ran these governments, if they were to get into financial trouble, this much I do know about Michigan Politics. And of course that Michigan is debating an abortion ban, after twenty weeks, which will get thrown out by the courts, take you're pick which one. My point is she must of had some idea of what she was getting into and wanted to call attention to herself.

I'm not going to use the word war here, its one of the most overused words in America right now and I'm not going to add to that. But I will say this, the more I hear Republicans talk about the need for Freedom and Limited Government and that Big Government is the problem and so fourth. The more I have to laugh, when they try to push legislation like this or crackdown on people who vote and point to the fact that there are Illegal Immigrants who are voting but can't come up with any examples. Or the Gay Marriage bans, the pornography bans, I mean you can go down he line, they talk about the need for Personal Freedom and the dangers of Big Government. While at the same time speaking in favor of Big Government, you ever tried debating someone who constantly contradicts themselves, its really difficult. Its like trying to debate yourself actually.

This Representative was right on point about this abortion ban is an intrusion of Personal Freedom for women and Big Government out of control and so fourth. But bad choice of words if she wasn't looking to get banned from the debate but good choice of words if she was looking for the national attention she got from it.