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Saturday, April 13, 2013

MC American President: Video: Joint Session of Congress: President Lyndon Johnson Speech on Voting Rights

This was Lyndon Johnson at his best and not many other American politicians did this as well or better if any. Then President Lyndon Johnson when it came to speaking about civil-rights, voting-rights equal-rights all around. Because he got to the whole core of the debate by laying out what right does government at any level have to deny people their constitutional-rights based on race. Which was the whole point of the Civil-Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting-Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair-Housing Law of 1968. Legislation that got Bipartisan support for it in both chambers of Congress that wouldn't of been able to pass without that Bipartisan support. And the reason why these laws were so important was because of the fact that African-Americans and perhaps other. Racial-minorities were being denied their constitutional-rights in the South and perhaps other parts of the country. Because of their race and complexion and for no good reason, just because of their race and complexion.

HBO: Video: George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya: Stupid Bullshit: Imagine a World Without Stupid Bullshit

Imagine a world without stupid bullshit, hey thats the title of this blog sometimes it helps to pay attention to what you are writing. Also sometimes it can cost you to pay attention to what you are writing because you might think. Damn I'm a bad writer and if you are wondering about the language, well the title of the blog should've served you well in figuring out this just. Might not be a PG13 blog that maybe this might be for adults only and if that wasn't a big enough clue. Here's a warning for you that you might be part of the stupid bullshit thats a big problem in America right now. Just a little friendly advice but getting to the blog. Imagine a world without stupid bullshit or hell a world without stupid people all together. And as you are imaging that as you are reading this, imagine all of the problems we wouldn't have and the. Stupid things we wouldn't have to listen to, another words imagine a world without Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Michael Moore or Melissa Harris-Perry.

So we are now in this world, a no stupid zone to replace Bill O'Reilly's no spin zone. Oh Billy wouldn't be allowed in this world either because it would be a world without stupid bullshit. Think about and I know what you are thinking, it would be a pretty boring world. I mean who the hell would we have to make fun of without stupid people. Imagine electing politicians and having other public officials who actually know what the hell they are doing and actually qualified. For their jobs, that means Congress would get a lot more work done. And as a Liberal to me a productive Congress might mean them passing a lot of laws that take away our freedoms. But again remember its a world without stupidity, a bunch of braniac's who where glasses that are so. Thick that without them they couldn't see their hands in from of their faces. But they are smart so they are passing a lot of smart productive legislation and President Obama being the smart guy that he is signing all of it. Except when he has even smarter ideas.

Imagine a world without a fiscal cliff because Congress and the President are too smart to put the country through that. Imagine a world without a sequester because again the President and Congress are too smart too smart to put the country through that. Imagine a world without racism or any form or bigotry where humans are never owned by anyone. Where people who are in love aren't denied marriage licenses. All of this could happen if we just catch and lockup all of the stupid people and send them to Siberia or some place. And let the smart people run the world.