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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Nation: Philosophy: Rick Perlstein: Why I Am A Liberal: What Liberalism Actually is and Not How Its Stereotyped

Why I Am A Liberal

Now why I'm a Liberal and a proud card caring member Leftist center-left if that before you think I'm out to. Take away your religion or guns or money or any other values you might hold dear because thats not what Liberalism is about. But before I get into why I'm a Liberal and what Liberalism is about, I believe I should clear up what Liberalism is not. Blow away some of the stereotypes that right wingers who are so partisan and probably not intelligent enough. To understand Liberalism since Liberalism is not a philosophy that can be summed up in a ten second sound bite. But if I had to do that, Erik tell me what Liberalism is or you die with a loaded gun pointed at my head. That didn't have water in it, I would say Liberalism is about protecting individual freedom for all individuals. That values individuals over government or private enterprise, something that separates us from the right. Or Social Democrats on the left who build their philosophy around what government can do for the people with individuals money.

Liberalism is not about being soft when it comes to law enforcement, national security, foreign policy, social welfare etc. Liberalism is about being smart, this is the situation at hand and this is what we can do about it with the resources. At our disposal in a way thats Constitutional, responsible and protects individual freedom and as I indicated before. Liberalism is not about government, this philosophy is not built around the government, the old argument of. Big Government vs Small Government is old and stale, what Liberals believe in is Smart Government. And you get to that by limiting what government should do for us at our expense that we need it not want it to do. In a Constitutional fiscally responsible way that again protects individual freedom for those who have it and expands. Individual freedom for those who want and need it and deserve it, so no Liberals don't believe government. Should be deciding how people should live their own lives but be able to protect them from foreign and domestic threats. So they can live freely.

Liberals aren't pro government or anti government but we are against bad and wasteful government that tends. To come from government trying to do too much and again we also believe that all Americans who aren't. Threats to innocent people but don't have the freedom to live their own lives as the rest of the country, are entitled. To have that freedom and that government can help them achieve that freedom but people who aren't able. To take care of themselves need to do the bulk of the work, get their kids in childcare, finish their education. And get themselves the skills that they need to be able to take care of themselves, that public assistance. Should be so effective that it becomes obsolete with very few people if any who need public assistance to be able to pay their own bills. As much as Libertarians may claim to be all about the individual and individual freedom, its really Liberals. That believe in protecting individual freedom for everyone.

If you are someone who believes in freedom and individualism and believe that these things are crucial in any Liberal Democracy. That they must be protected and the number one job of government is to protect our freedom and are concern. With not only the growth of government and the power that comes with it and are also concern with the relationship. That government has with private enterprise, then I suggest you may be a Liberal and might not be aware of it.