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Monday, August 6, 2012

"How to Pay for Single Payer Health Insurance": How Progressives Should Try to Pass Single Payer Health Insurance

Just to start off in this post I'm against a Single Payer Medicare For All Health Insurance System. I don't care how its set up or which countries Healthcare System its based on, anyone who reads this blog especially the Healthcare Reform section, understands this. I support the France Private/Public Healthcare model, where the French decide for themselves where to get their Health Insurance, as well as Healthcare. Its up to them as long as they make that choice and pay for their Healthcare but having said that, there's a way for Progressive/Socialists to accomplish exactly what they want. From a bottom up approach to politics, instead of topdown where you try to get the Federal Government to force a Single Payer System down the peoples throat, whether they want it or not. Which is anti Liberal Democratic to me, government telling the people even though we've never met you and don't know you, we know best what type of Healthcare and Health Insurance the people should have for themselves. If Canadians want that system, great then they should be able to have it, they are different from Americans both culturally and politically. Some States are experimenting with this and thats there right as well.

The Progressive approach to Healthcare Reform, is that every it has came up in Congress. Whether it was in 2009-10 with President Obama that finally produced the Affordable Care Act, or in 1993-94, that didn't produce a law, with President Clinton. Or in the late 1970s with President Carter. That didn't produce a law or in 1974 with President Nixon that didn't produce a law. Or going back to the mid-late 1940s with President Truman as part of his Fair Deal Agenda, where he called for a National Health Insurance System. That didn't produce a law, was that Progressives would bring up their Single Payer plan, have their allies in Congress, Progressive Democrats sponsor the legislation. And each time they would be lucky to even get a hearing on it, because generally they haven't had a Committee Chairman, who has jurisdiction over the Healthcare System. Who actually supports nationalizing the US Health Insurance System and they've never had the votes to pass it out of committee or on the House or Senate Floors.

Progressives seem to have this idea that when it comes to reforming that the Federal Government has all the answers it doesn't matter the issue. If there's a problem in the country, its the Federal Government that has the solution to it, so if we are talking about Healthcare Reform. With too many Americans without access to Health Insurance, there must be some Federal Program, new or existing that can solve it. And even if that means nationalizing a sector of the economy, to accomplish this and eliminating choice in how people can get certain services. Health Insurance being an excellent example of that, under Medicare For All, Medicare would be the only game in town when it comes to Health Insurance. Even for people without Medicare that like their current Health Insurance and the Progressive response to that typically is. Well they'll learn to like Medicare more.

The fact is Big Government doesn't have all the answers, Americans have plenty of reasons not to like or even trust the Federal Government. As we do by an overwhelming majority and we like to make these decisions for ourselves typically, perhaps there are some Progressives who believe. They aren't capable of deciding where they should get their Health Insurance and they need Uncle Sam to do that for them. One of the beauties of a Public Option when it comes to Health Insurance, is that the people would still decide for themselves where they would get their Health Insurance. So at the end of the day, maybe we'll decide as a country that we all want Medicare and that would be a Progressive victory. If thats not good enough for Progressives, they should take a step by step, State by State approach and maybe they. Will accomplish their goal of Medicare For All that way, instead of trying to get the Federal Government to force it down everyone else's throats.