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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Michelle Bachmann & Rick Perry Deeply Associated With Dominionism!": Big Government Republicans

As a Liberal Democrat with a strong belief in Liberal Democracy, who believes Free People in a Free Society should be able to live freely. Without government interfering in how Free People should live their own lives as long as we are not hurting anyone else with our freedom. I get worried every time I here Big Government democrats or republicans, socialists on the Far Left and authoritarians on the Far Right. Come out in favor of policy's that restrict our freedom, whether its Economic or Social Freedom. And thats exactly what you get from Republican Presidential Candidates Michelle Bachmann an Rick Perry two candidates who both believe the fastest route to the Republican Nomination for President is with the Religious Right and getting their support. In Michelle Bachmann's case at least she truly believes in the Religious Right Agenda and with Rick Perry. I just don't know enough about him to decide if he's playing politics or if he truly believes in this agenda. But with Rep. Bachmann's case you have a long record going back to 2004 when she was in the Minnesota Senate. Coming out against Equal Rights for homosexuals to use as an example. And then in I believe July signing that pledge from a Far Right Religious Group coming out for laws banning pornography and a Constitutional Amendment to ban Gay Marriage. What happened to States Rights in this case, they've always regulated marriage straight and gay. Every time I here Michelle Bachmann say she's a "Constitutional Conservative" I feel like flushing the toilet literally. Constitutional Conservatism is not about amending the Constitution but living within it especially government and not trying to get around it. At best Michelle Bachmann is a Religious Conservative or even a theocrat, replacing the Constitution with an interpretation of the Bible to govern the country. While Rick Perry has decided he's going to be a Religious Conservative at least for this Presidential Campaign. As well as a Fiscal Conservative on Economic Policy, even though his Fiscal Record as Governor of Texas suggests otherwise with pile of debt Texas piled on. As well as all the Texas Government jobs he created.

Every time you here a Religious Conservative say they are anti Big Government and a Constitutional Conservative. Please do yourself a favor and take that with a grain of salt. As well as look to see how many Constitutional Amendments that would restrict our freedom that they are in favor of. Religious Conservatives in America believe that our problems as a country have to do with some as former serial Political Candidate Alan Keyes said. Our "Moral Crisis" and that our problems have to do with our "Moral Character" as Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum has said this. Rick Santorum is in favor of empowering the Federal Government to regulate marriage in America, he's in favor of one Marriage Law for the whole country regulated by the Federal Government. As well as a Constitutional Amendment to make this happen. They believe that we have too much Social Freedom in America and that the Federal Government should restrict it and even pass Constitutional Amendments to make that happen.

So when you here Presidential Candidates come out against Big Government, don't take the word at Face Value if your not very familiar with them. And take the time to look into their record especially as it gets to what they've said in the past. Because you remember they are politicians or Aspiring Politicians. And are politicians unfortunately are prone to say what they believe we want to here.

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