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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RT America: The Big Picture: "Why Bhutan Did The Opposite of Privatization"

First of all about Thom Hartmann, to judge a country by how happy they are, rather then how they are. Doing, anyone can say they are happy, whether they are or not, happiness is a little hard to judge but we can judge how well people are doing, do they have a good job, are they able to pay their. Own bills, do they have a good home, where they are paying the bills, where floors aren't cracking, where they have enough heat in the winter and AC in the summer, do they have enough food to. Eat, able to raise their kids well and so fourth, these things we are able to judge, because you can see them in front of you, people can be happy living in poverty and have this positive attitude. Hey at least I'm alive, unlike my neighbor who was shot down a few weeks ago, doesn't mean that person is doing well, if they are personally skipping meals, so their kids can eat or sleep. On a hard floor, so their kids can sleep on the couch, we can judge well being fairly clearly, because we can see it in front of us, personal happiness, again people can be happy for any. Reason it doesn't mean they are doing well in life.

As far as privatization vs nationalization or whatever the State and Local version would be. When it comes to Human Services, the idea is for them to be performed by the most qualified organization. To run them, at the most affordable price, where we are all served well, not just people who can afford to have good service and sometimes that they mean the Public Sector may be more. Qualified to run things, like when it comes to Law Enforcement and sometimes it may mean the Private Sector is better qualified to run things, like when it comes it infrastructure, instead of government. Being left to build roads, probably a better idea to reward a contract to the most qualified construction company to do the work, these decisions shouldn't be based on privatization vs. Nationalization but whose more qualified to perform the services that we need as a country to be performed.