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Monday, July 9, 2012

"DEA Agents Out of Control in Honduras": The Costs of The War on Drugs in Latin America

Its not just America and Mexico where the War on Drugs is now being fought but its also a Regional War in Americas as well. Central America and in South America, as well as parts of the Caribbean as well that the United States is involved, as well as helping to fund governments who don't have a great record as far as spending other peoples money. Like in Mexico and in Columbia that have a history of corruption, at American Tax Payers expense, as well at the Tax Payers expense of the people in these countries. What the United States has been doing is giving these countries money to fight our War on Drugs in their countries, as well as sending our Drug Warriors into their countries to fight this War there. And for what use of narcotics are up in America as well as in these other countries, we are still fighting the War on Drugs not only in America but in these other countries as well. Forty one years later, at a cost of over 1T$ and we are eliminating a possible economic boost for a lot of these Third and even Fourth World countries like Afghanistan. Money they would be able to generate on their own and need less Foreign Aid from us and other Developed Nations in the future.

What the United States and Latin America should be doing instead right now and in the future. Is stop fighting this war, admit that its failed and cut our losses and develop a new policy in how we deal with narcotics in America and in Latin America as well. Thats based on realty that we still have millions of people who want narcotics and instead of arresting people for being addicted to something they want. And what they do to themselves and instead try to convince Narcotics Addicts that they should no longer want they are addicted to, get them in Drug Rehab at their expense. Instead of jail or prison, stop fighting marijuana and legalize it and treat it like alcohol instead and decriminalize possession or use of cocaine and heroin. As long as people aren't hurting other with their use or possession of these narcotics. Have them pay a fine for the amount they have, instead of putting them in jail for it.

We have forty one years of evidence that the War on Drugs has not only failed in America but in Mexico and Latin America as well. And in these tough economic and budget times with high debt and deficits, you would think we would find much better ways to spend Tax Payer dollars. That would give us a much better bang for our bucks and invest the dollars that we should be spending in things that payoff and make sense instead.