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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Michele Bachmann Signs Vows To Eliminate All Forms Of Pornography!: Big Government Conservatism

Normally I wouldn't hit this story twice, I blogged about it on Friday, even though that blog was about Rep. Michelle Bachman's broader view on Social Issues. But since this is Michelle Bachmann and she has a hypocritical streak going when it comes to Big Government. And its Saturday, the slow news day of all slow news days. I'm going to hit this story again and go out of my way not to sound repetitive on this story but no promises.

This is what Big Government Conservatism at its worst but that would be an insult to conservatism, because conservatism is about conserving Constitutional Rights not abolishing them. Which apparently with Rep. Bachman's views on Social Issues, she's trying to eliminate some of our Constitutional Rights and making America a less Free Society and no longer a Liberal Democracy. This is more like authoritarianism then conservatism, essentially using government meaning the Central Government and in America's case the Federal Government. To protect people from themselves as well as others but protect us from ourselves as well. That if people have to much freedom in an authoritarian's mind, that they won't know what to do with it and might hurt themselves with it. So things like pornography, certain types of movies and other forms of entertainment including fashion would be illegal. That certain forms of speech thats not political thats also protected by the US Constitution with the First Amendment, would no longer have those protections if the Federal Government doesn't approve of it. So if the Federal Government doesn't personally like porn, lets take that first just because thats Rep. Bachmann's latest Public Position. Not because I have or don't have some special affection for pornography. Instead of the FEDS just making the choice that they would have in a Liberal Democracy. The Freedom of Choice to look at or not look at porn, they simply make that illegal, punishable by jail time for everyone else. And would make that choice for the rest of the country on their own. Thats just one example, instead of moving America forward as a First World Liberal Democracy. They want to move America backwards as like a Third World Authoritarian Republic or Monarchy thats common in the Middle East.

The next time I hear Rep. Michelle Bachmann claim that she's a Constitutional Conservative and anti Big Government and I see her make that claim on TV or the internet. I'm going to treat those remarks as part of her Daily Monologue, because at the rate she's going. She's turning into a First Rate comedian and a Second Rate politician. Because she's doesn't know what the hell she's talking about and is a pardon the term. A Master of Speaking out of her ass.

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