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Friday, November 4, 2011

Cuba Legalizes Sale of Private Property: Progress coming to Cuba

Today there was another indication that Fidel Catsro is out of power in Cuba and that his brother Raul is President Castro. Of the Communist Republic of Cuba. Perhaps even one day the President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba or even Democratic Republic of Cuba. But thats probably at least a decade off but at least the Castro Regime has given its people some liberty. And breathing space from this Authoritarian Regime that took power in Cuba fifty two years ago. The Communist Party has been in charge in Cuba longer then Moammar Quadaffi was in power in Libya. And with Privatizing the Sale of Private Property essentially Privatizing the Housing Market in Cuba. Along with Privatizing the Agriculture Sector of the Cuban Economy and Small Business's. Back in 2010, if the Castro Regime regulates the Cuban Economy properly and establishes Rule of Law. Instead of Rule by Force, with the success of the Cuban Education System and their Healthcare System. We could see the Cuban Economy take off and be able to see the potential of the Cuban People. Because even though its still a Third World Country based on Living Standards. Its got First World resources and people, things they can make themselves and sell to cubans. And export them to other countries if the Castro Regime just allows for these things to happen. Looks like President Raul Castro has took a page from the Russian or Chinese Model. That you can still have an Authoritarian Regime but to be a power and be successful as a country. You need a functioning economy that has Economic Liberty for the people thats well regulated that has a Safety Net for the people who fall through the cracks of the system. Which Cuba already established early on in the Fidel Castro Regime.

There are several Latin American countries that don't have to be Third Wold countries that are. And a lot of that if not most of it has to do with their governments as well as corruption. Which to me as a Liberal Democrat is more evidence that Big Government doesn't work. Because if you give a lot or most of the power to one sector of the country, the rest of the country doesn't have enough power. To hold a check against the sector that has too much power. Cuba is one of those countries, Mexico would be another and would add Panama as far as North America goes. And if you want to move South Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile . That if you instead give your people the power and in America's case. Constitutional Rights to live their own lives and set their own course in life, another words. Individual Liberty and you make sure they can get a good education and establish Rule of Law. Great things can happen for the people and the country, Brazil, Russia, China and India. And I would also add Mexico to a certain extent are all perfect examples of that. That a bloated Central Government where most of the power in the country resides, take Cuba to use as an example. Even with all of their best intentions can't do everything for everybody. They can't the lives of their people for them.

Cuba has taken a major step forward in bringing progress to a potentially great country that has great people. By essentially establishing Property Rights and lets see how this works out for Cuba. And if it has a positive effect on the Cuban Economy by the way they do it. And if the Castro Regime goes farther in the future in bringing progress to a country that badly needs it.

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