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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Do We Need Less Democracy?": Of course not we need more Individual Liberty

The idea that Peter Orzag a well respected Democratic Economist is throwing out there. That the reasons for the gridlock that we have in the Federal Government, especially in Congress. Is that Congress made up of the people that we elected to send up there, both in the House and Senate. That if we don't like who's representing us, we can essentially fire every two and six years. If we don't like who's representing us, we really only have us to blame. Or the lack of choices to blame, this idea for our gridlock is that Congress is two powerful and that what we need to do instead. Is set up all of these Independent Commissions and triggers to solve our own problems. Is Undemocratic and I believe Unconstitutional and I'm very disappointed that a democrat. And a Liberal Democrat that is in Peter Orzag would suggest this. Our problems in our country are not that we are too free and our Federal Government is too weak. Our problems are in reverse, we are not free enough and our Federal Government is too powerful. And doesn't do a very good job of managing all of the power it gives itself. And that the people who we send back to Congress that approves all of this power for the Federal Government. The people are a problem as well, in who we keep sending back to Congress over and over and this is a Bi Partisan problem as well.

Our Political System as well to a certain extent is a big problem, we have two Political Parties. That have the responsibility of representing 310M people and no two Political Parties would be capable of doing a very good job of doing that. We had United Government from 2003-2007, controlled by the Republican Party. The people got tired of that and elected a Democratic Congress in 2006 and then we had Divided Government from 2007-09. The people didn't like that very much and elected a United Government in 2008 controlled by the Democratic Party. The country hated that and elected a Republican House in 2010. So now of course we have Divided Government again with a Divided Congress, where ever you look now. In the Federal Government its divided, not just between democrats and republicans but several smaller parties inside of both big parties. This is all the result of a Two Party System in a country of 310M people that as Politically Diverse as we are. And we are in this constant State of Gridlock and Crisis Mode whether the crisis is real or not. Because we don't have enough choices in who to represent us.

The problem with America is not that we are too free and our Federal Government is too weak. But that we aren't free enough to live our own lives and are so dependent on a Federal Government that no one likes. To take care of us, relying on a government that can't manage its own business very well. To take care of a country of 310M people, so we need a Political System that can represent the whole country. And a country where the people are free enough to live their own lives and take care of themselves.

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