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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Leaked Mitt Romney Emails Confirm He Supported Individual Mandate: Who is Mitt Romney?

In 2010 Senate Leader Harry Reid someone who've I never gone out of my way to defend personally. Because even though he's the Democratic Leader in the US Senate, he leads the Senate and leads my party. technically, its more of a title then anything else, in reality, he basically takes his orders from other Democratic Senators and the Democratic Base, thats why I don't like him, as well as being a political hack. Not calling him evil but he does have some serious flaws, which is why he's never had a close election in his life, even in the election where only his wife and kids were allowed to vote. Enough about Leader Reid other then to point out that in 2010, an election that will go down all time, as one of the most interesting elections ever, I'm not talking about the Mid Terms as a whole, especially where House Republicans picked up, what seemed like 500 seats. The most interesting Congressional Election that year, was a Senate Election, between Leader Reid and escaped Mental Patient Sharron Angle, who looks like a sweetheart in person but who's six beers short of a six pack mentally. Had any other Nevada Republican ran against Leader Reid in 2010, who was more unpopular then President Obama, Harry Reid is no longer in the Senate.

I mention this because of one reason, in this 2010 Senate Election, the Reid Campaign only had to do two things to win. Get their people to the polls, another words turn out the vote and report exactly everything that Sharron Angle said and you use her own words against her. Her last bad statement, where she didn't want to take a stand on an important issue, I think it had something to do with the Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan. Where she said she would answer that question, once she's in the Senate, is kinda the last toe that she shot off of her own feet and with Harry Reids Get Out The Vote Operation, was all he needed to do to get reelected. And Sharron Angle ends up losing an election to someone with an Approval Rating in the low 40s, which gives you an idea of how unpopular she was in Nevada.

I mention this for a couple reasons, one because even though Mitt Romney is sane and Sharron Angle doesn't seem to be. The strategy beat Sharron Angle in Nevada, could be the strategy that beats Mitt Romney nationally, just use his own words against him and Get Out The Vote, which is how the Bush Campaign ran against John Kerry in 2004. And we are already seeing this by Democrats in 2012, because positions that Mitt Romney now say are horrible policies, are positions he once held, the Healthcare Mandate being a perfect example of that.