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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RT America Big Picture With Thom Hartmann: "Will President Obama Accept Representative Paul Ryan's Challenge on Medical Marijuana?": Why The President Should Stand Up For Freedom of Choice

If you are a Federalist and you believe in States Rights, then you don't have a problem with States legalizing marijuana and Same Sex Marriage. You might not agree with it but you believe that the States should make these decisions themselves and leave the Federal Government to the issues. That only it can and should address, like the economy, trade, debt and deficit, National Security, Energy Policy etc and let the States figure out the Social Issues on their own. As long as they aren't legalizing things that can actually hurt people, like battery, terrorism, fraud that sorta thing. If you are a Socialist or a Statist from the right, you believe the Federal Government should be making these decisions themselves, that these are national issues, that only the Federal Government. Should be addressing so every time that President Obama goes the other way on these what I call Freedom of Choice issues as a Liberal, that the people themselves are better qualified to decide for themselves. Who we marry and what we can put into our bodies and what healthcare we can and should have, it feeds into the notion from the Far Right that he's a Socialist or Statist.

Democrats and Leftists in general so far have been willing to give the President a pass when it comes to Economic and Foreign Policy. And have concluded that he's done very well considering the hand that he's been dealt and the opposition that he's faced, its really the Social Issues where. I as a Liberal have had issues with him, Barack Obama is a Democrat and by a lot of counts before he became President, a Liberal Democrat who you would expect would go the right way. From our perspective as it relates to core issues of ours like marijuana, Same Sex Marriage, the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention and so far President Obama has a 1-4 batting 250. On these issues and if it wasn't for his Vice President coming out in favor of Same Sex Marriage back in May, would the President have done the same thing by now, had Vice President Biden. Not have made that decision for himself, we'll never know that of course but my bet being the safe politician that he is, he wouldn't of.

The President simply needs the left, Mainstream Left and Far Left to get reelected, he can't do it without us. And he's going to have to Leftist Presidential Candidates, in Gary Johnson whose basically a Classical Liberal running for President for the Libertarian Party. And Jill Stein a Progressive running for President for the Green party and coming out against the War on Drugs, doing the right way so he doesn't look he's appeasing us. Would go a long way for him in securing the Leftist Vote in a tight Presidential Election.

AlterNet: Uh-Oh! New Poll Suggests Rep. Michelle Bachmann May Be In Tight Race

Uh-Oh! New Poll Suggests Bachmann May Be In Tight Race | Alternet

Looks like the Mental Hospital has called and they want Michelle Bachmann back

AlterNet: 2012 Effective Evil or Progressives Best Hope. Why Progressives Will Vote For The President

Progressives who vote for the President for reelection, are responsible Progressives the Bernie Sanders of the World. Who'll be voting for the President to prevent a President Romney and a Tea Party Congress. Not because they are still in love with Barack Obama, who they thought was a Socialist but who has turned out to be more of a New Democrat. Someone interested in making government more effective, rather then expanding it.