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Friday, February 1, 2013

Real News: Video: Jeff Cohen: Preaching to The Choir: How Leftists Talk and Debate With Each Other

As someone who follows a lot of political junkies on Facebook of all places, mainly on the left but I'm friends with a few Conservatives and Libertarians as well. But except for one little core group of friends I have on Facebook. There is a lot of people there who talk to themselves, meaning people who agree with each other on 99% of the issues and commentating. Which is the definition of preaching to the choir you are only speaking to people who agree with you. And you are not expanding your base and moving people to your side but just agreeing with people who are. Only with you and I see this all the time on Facebook amongst Progressives and Libertarians. People who follow this blog on Facebook one way or the other don't agree with me on everything. Probably disagreeing with me half of the time and we end up discussing what I write and even debating it. Which is great from my perspective as a blogger because it gives me and idea of what people actually. Think of my views and not someone just saying great job or bad job but telling me what they think of my positions and views. Which I believe any good writer wants so if they know if they are getting through or not.

One of the things I like about Google+ where I'm also on and you can find me there by searching Derik Schneider. Is that there are real debates and discussions there because a lot of people follow others who they don't always agree with. Because they want to know what the other side is thinking, I'm a perfect example of that where. I follow a lot of lets say New-Left pages and people, who are way to the left of me to see what. Social-Democrats or Democratic-Socialists are thinking, for example. I follow Democratic-Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and the New-Left magazine AlterNet, Progressive-Democrats of America to use as examples. Its a lot more interesting then hearing what a great job I'm doing or once again you are 100% correct. But instead we can have real discussions and real debates and I can explain my positions. And where I'm coming from about the issues I write about and we can learn from each other in the process.

One of the things I like about the Democratic Party is that we are a real political party. And we are not a choir thats looks at everything the same and we have what I call the. Reform-Left or New-Democrats, the real Liberal-Democrats and we have the New-left the. Social-Democratic wing of the party and we can debate each other and throw ideas back and fourth. And allows us to compete with each other, which puts us in better position to compete with Republicans. Because we've already tested our own ideas and positions and gotten some feedback on them.

Helmer Reemberg: Presidential Fever Sweeps The Nation: 4/10/1960

This piece was originally posted at The Daily Journal

The 1960 West Virginia Democratic primary was a battle of dirty tricks. With the Humphrey campaign trying to make JFK’s Irish-Catholic faith and issue in an overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon Protestant state like West Virginia. Which is the South Carolina of the Mid-Atlantic. The Kennedy campaign with Jack’s father Joe literally buying votes and West Virginia political leaders. Both campaigns running ads against the other that were simply false. When the West Virginia primary should have literally been a battle place of ideas. With HHH offering his progressive big government vision. And JFK offering his liberal limited government vision for the country. That would use government to empower people and not just take care of them.

This is one of the most interesting presidential campaigns ever I believe. Jack Kennedy vs Dick Nixon in 1960 was also a great campaign. But the campaign between Senator Jack Kennedy and Senator Hubert Humphrey (or Hubie to be less formal) I believe at least in some ways was even better. Because it represented a battle of Democratic factions. The New Deal/soon to be Great Society progressive coalition faction of the Democratic Party. That had all sorts of big government social programs for people. Against an emerging liberal New Democratic coalition of JFK that wanted to use government to empower people in need to be able to take care of themselves.

What the Kennedy campaign tried to do here was to make it look like their candidate was the young candidate who represented the younger generation and that Senator Humphrey was old school and represented older people and the ways of the past. Even though they were both World War II Generation and were only six years apart in age. Senator Humphrey ran on his experience even though Senator Kennedy had actually served in Congress longer at this point than Humphrey. With his six years in the House before being elected to the Senate in 1952. This campaign was really a campaign about ideas and the role of government in America instead. Humphrey wanted a bigger Federal Government to take care of more people. Kennedy wanted to use government to empower people in need to be able to take care of themselves instead.