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Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Health Care Should Be A Right To Life in America!": We already have Healthcare but how to pay for it

We already have Healthcare as a Legal Right not Constitutional but as a Legal Right at least for emergency's. If you get sick or hurt and you end up at an Emergency Room and end up in a Hospital for at least a period of time. The doctors have to by law give you the Healthcare that you need in order for you to survive. At least in the short term and if you want to go farther then that, we need Congress to pass a new law. And how we pay for that which is the dumbest part of the American Healthcare System by passing those costs. Down to people who pay for their own Health Insurance and Healthcare. With a Healthcare Mandate, people will be forced to cover the expenses of their own Healthcare. Whether its out of pocket like with Health Savings Account or through Health Insurance. If they can't afford their own Health Insurance, then they get covered by Medicaid or Medicare. But they get covered they start paying for the decisions they make with their lives and are held accountable for their decisions. If you want to go farther then that, you need Congress to pass a new law. And get that signed by the President or we need a Constitutional Amendment to pass one. The reason why we don't go farther then that, so we don't get forced to subsidize bad decisions of others.

People who decide to take care of themselves, shouldn't be forced to subsidize the bad decisions of people. Who eat horribly, don't exercise, being addicted to alcohol or other drugs. People basically have the right to live their lives as smart or stupidly as you can afford. But people who make the right decisions with their lives, shouldn't be penalized. By being forced to cover the stupid people in how they live their lives. I just heard Progressive Talk Radio Host Thom Hartmann who I do respect for his honesty. Even though I can't think of a damn thing that we agree on. Hartmann is a collectivist and I'm an individualist as a Liberal Democrat, a huge believer in Individual Liberal. Other then maybe some Social Issues. Like the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and perhaps a few other things. Just moderate one of his positions, For as long as I can remember I've heard Thom Hartmann who I listen to somewhat frequently on the web mostly. Say we need a Single Payer Medicare For All Healthcare System. Eliminate the Private Health Insurance Industry, have Medicare be the only option for people in America as far as how they pay for their Health Insurance. And that they wouldn't get a choice at all, they would be forced to pay for Medicare and take it.

If you listen to this video, you'll here with your ears are open and actually pay attention. You'll hear Thom Hartmann say, maybe we don't need Medicare for all, maybe a Public Option allowing people and employers pay into Medicare would work as well. Thats what I've been arguing for from day one as far as how we expand Health Insurance in America. A Public Option giving the people the Freedom of Choice, especially the people who currently can't afford to pay for Health Insurance. The ability to decide for themselves how they pay for their Healthcare as long as they pay for it. Thats the type of Healthcare System we need in America, not Uncle Sam putting his big foot up our ass. Telling us how to pay for our own Healthcare.