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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Medical Marijuana: President Obama Vs 74% Of Americans: Even Independents Now Support it so What's the Problem

If President Obama's road to reelection as he sees it, is to run for Independents and screw off everyone else. Then this is a brain dead campaign strategy, that he needs to reconsider, because Independents aren't looking for a Statist President. If thats what they want, they have several Republicans they can look for if thats what they want. And they'll also find Republicans who want Constitutional Amendments to ban pornography and Same Sex Marriage also. Independents care about what Democrats and even Republicans if you look at the polls and not listen to Big Government Republicans. They want a President to deal with and fix the economy, thats their number one concern, not if Bob is marrying Joe or if Marry is marrying Sally. Or if Joe and Marry or whoever else are smoking a joint or taking marijuana to relieve pain. Or jacking off at home watching an Adult Movie, which I'm sure we all have whether we are willing to admit it or not. If its Independents and Democrats that President Obama wants voting and working for him. Give us a reason, gives us several reasons.

Leave the Big Government Statist issues to Mitt Romney, if thats the game he wants to play to appeal to Big Government Republicans. And spend your time dealing with what the rest of the country is concern about, which is 85-90% of us, which is a hell of a Voting Block. Get off the backs before you break them of the people who take marijuana to relieve pain. Or just smoke a joint for the hell of it and concentrate on what most Americans care about. This is the situation that we inherited when we came to office, this is what we've done to help people back to work, this is the progress we've made. This is what we want to do in a 2nd term, this is what the other side wants to do if they get back in power. This is why you should vote for me and give me more Democrats in Congress, give me a Democratic Congress. And we can fix the country together.

Independents and Democrats don't give a damn about Medical Marijuana as far as how to relates to the 2012 Elections. "Its the economy stupid for them", the only people that care about it are Statists who believe they can live our lives better then we can for us. And Big Pharma that doesn't want the competition and unless you are in the tank for these groups. Then supporting Medical Marijuana will help you politically.