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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ontario Elections: "Is This All There Is?": The Power of Choice in Canadian Politics

One thing I like about Canadian Politics is that they have real choice in who Canadian Voters can vote for. They have real Conservative Party, a real Liberal Party and a real Democratic Socialist Party. In the New Democratic Party that used to call themselves the Socialist Party. And all three of these parties are very competitive and can make a difference in their Federal Elections. Unlike in America where we have a Two Party System in a country that has nine times as many people. Where both major parties are made up of three different parties . And when Ontario Voters go to vote in their Provincial Election. They'll have a real choice in who to vote for, Canada doesn't have a perfect Political System. Even canadians will tell you that, I have a Canadian Relative that would tell me that. For one thing their Federal Senate is more like the United Nations then anything. Where they have Appointed Members and where the Senate even though they are suppose to be. The Upper Chamber in Parliament, like the US Senate is the Upper Chamber in Congress. the Canadian Senate doesn't have that much authority. Even though their Members are Members of Parliament as well. If you combine the Multi Party Political System of Canada into with the Checks in Balances with America. You may have a perfect Political System.

America has Check and Balances three Branches of Government. So no one becomes too powerful and even though Canada technically has the same thing, most of the real power in Canada. Is with their Executive Branch and some power being left to the House of Commons, which in practicality is the real Upper Chamber in Parliament in Canada. And another thing I don't like about Canada, is that they have elections essentially when the Prime Minister feels they should. When its Politically Convenient for them or when the Prime Minister loses a Non Confidence Vote in the House. To me that leads to corruption and Authoritarian Rule, I mean the Prime Minister would really have to be unpopular to lose a No Confidence Vote in the House. Since their party has the most seats in the House at all times and then they wouldn't even need a majority to get reelected. Unlike in America where the President gets a four year term and four years to make their mark. And if the country doesn't like the President or likes their opponent better. The voters can throw the President out.

I love the choice that Canada has in its Political System and the checks that America has in our Political System and put them together. You would have I believe the perfect Political System. That could represent the Political Diversity of both great countries, where everyone is represented. And where the Branches of Government could work together.

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