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Sunday, February 17, 2013

CBS News: Video: Evening News: Bill Plant: Federal Budget Faces Severe Sequestration Cuts: A Consequence of Dysfunctional Government

Somebody once famous said and I promise that person is not me in case the jury isn't back on that yet. Said for every problem or crisis there's an opportunity to solve it the problem or crisis. Thats what happens in the real world, a private organization has a problem. What does management do if they know what they are doing. They solve the problem, they got a financial hole, they cut spending or raise more money or a combination of both. Thats what happens in the real world but thats not the world that the Federal Government operates in. Both the White House and Congress and yes I'm a Democrat and I put more of the blame on Republicans. For these problems not for partisan but for factual reasons though because Democrats have already put. Spending on the table even as it relates to entitlements, something their far-left flank has hit them hard for. But the solution is obvious we are facing 85B$ in automatic across the board budget cuts that will hit the economy. Because of lost contracts and jobs and so fourth including in defense but in other areas as well. But there's a short term and a long term solution to this problem.

Again this is an issue that if the Federal Government operated in the real world. Sequester is never even on the table, we got an long term unaffordable entitlement system. We have a social insurance system that leaves people in poverty instead of empowering them to get themselves. Out of poverty along with a wasteful tax code that actually encourages companies to invest money outside of the United States. Instead of this country, oh by the way did I mention we have an economy that didn't grow at all in the last quarter of 2012. To go along with 7.9% unemployment and we have a defense budget thats actually responsible for the national defense. Of developed countries around the World that have the resources to defend themselves. So as the famous bank robber Willy Sutton said, when asked why do you rob banks. And his answer being the smart ass that he was, because thats where the money is, same question of why cut and reform. In these areas of the Federal budget, because thats where the money is. So thats the long term solution to the United States debt and deficit issues.

Again since the Federal Government doesn't operate in the real world when it comes to debt and deficits and overall spending. Meaning they are not going to solve their problems to avoid bankruptcy and so fourth. So what could be a good short term solution to this problem in Fantasy Land. Give the Executive Branch full authority to decide where these sequester cuts are made. Assuming the sequester nonsense happens and if Congress doesn't like those cuts, they can return the money by overriding them in Congress. On one condition that they find new revenue in either further budget cuts or the tax code to replace the sequester cuts. And thats the solution to the sequester nonsense of the day, now back to the real world.