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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Salon: Economy: Jared Bernstein: Raise The Minimum Wage!: How to Make Work Pay For Americans in Poverty

Raise the minimum wage!

I know I've blogged this before but if you want more people working in this country with less unemployment. And less people living off of public assistance, then work has to pay and here's an area where government needs to play a role. To fill in where the private market comes up short, having wages in this country that aren't just designed to maximize profits for business's. But also so we have as many Americans as possible who can pay their bills and live and independent life not having to live off of. Others which means all American workers need to make more money working then not working when we are talking about the non disabled and even with the disabled. Incentivizing them to work as much as they are physically and mentally able, rather then penalizing them for working more. And that means 7.25$ an hour which is the Federal minimum wage is simply not enough and that the minimum wage is. Not enough period that we need a living wage in America for all workers who work full time and tie it to cost of living. Of around 10$ an hour and allow for employers to deduct 30% of that from their taxes.

I'm happy to support including financially anyone who for whatever reason can't currently support themselves. As long as they'll do whatever they can to make themselves as independent as possible and work off of the support that I'm giving them. For people who simply don't want to work and be irresponsible, I'm not as willing to support them once it gets to a certain point. Which gets to the discussion of what's the point of public assistance. Is it public charity run by government to support people who for whatever reasons can't take care of themselves. And then take care of them indefinitely, or is public assistance and investment in human capitol funded by tax revenue and run by government. To empower those who can't be able to take care of themselves and work their way off of public assistance. And if you are familiar with my position in public assistance you know that I want it to be so effective that it becomes. Obsolete on its own because of all of the people on it who are going back to school and entering or going back into the workforce. And being able to take care of themselves with a good job.

Establishing a living wage in this country would be one step in doing that. Because work would pay and we could have a system where people would make more money working then not working. Which would be better for our economy and our debt and deficit with all of the new income tax payers. We would create with this type of system.

People for Polity: Article Review 2: Compensating Our Military Veterans

People for Polity: Article Review 2: Link: Substance abuse and posttraumatic stress disorders: Symptom interplay and effects on outcome Summary The above study exami...

More evidence for the need for better healthcare for our veterans in this country. And perhaps more choice in how they receive their healthcare including mental healthcare and diagnosing these problems early. Before they end up becoming crisis for them, their families and the people around them. Especially innocent people they just happened to be around like at a supermarket or something. I believe, actually know that the defense budget has to be on the table when it comes to deficit reduction. Because we are simply overcommitted around the World and have borrowed way too much money to meet those. Operations around the World but if anything we've under committed the resources that we need to see that our veterans. Get the benefits they deserve and have worked for and have to take a look at our veterans beneficiary system and how we compensate those people. And leave them out of the discussion when it comes to the defense budget and deficit reduction.