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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Young Turks: Conservatism and the Republican Party: Granddaughter of Icon Barry Goldwater: Why The GOP Should Rebuild or Shut Down

I wrote a short blog yesterday on why today's GOP which is basically the our version of one of those Far Right parties that you see in Europe or Israel. They are not quite a Communist Party but perhaps we should give them some time but they are certainly a Right Statist Party that believes in Limited Freedom. Rather then Limited Government, that you sometimes see in Europe that from time to time gets to work in coalition with the Center Right Party thats in power, like in Germany or France. This is not Barry Goldwater or Gerry Ford or Ron Reagan's GOP anymore, todays GOP is the party of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Todd Aiken, Steve King and other Neoconservatives. Who see Americans who don't look at the World exactly as they do as Un American and even traitors, perhaps people who should be in jail or deported, who like to talk about freedom. But only like to talk about it, there idea of freedom is to essentially eliminate taxes and regulations on the wealthy and hope if that, that some how makes down to the rest of us and benefits. The rest of the country and Religious Freedom is really about Freedom for Christians to be religious and Individual Freedom is really about the Freedom for Americans to live their lives the way Neoconservatives want them to.

Thats not the Goldwater/Reagan GOP that they built up that believed in Economic Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility. But also believed in Civil Liberties, Workers Rights, Freedom of Speech, the Right to Vote, privacy, the US Constitution basically that Neoconservatives see as annoying or. Un American today even though it was written by Americans, this is a party that simply can't survive the long haul as a major Political Party, they will simply go out of business. As America becomes more Liberal-Libertarian on Social Issues and as we become more minority, people the GOP. Simply is going to have to appeal to in order to survive in the future, Florida is already a swing State and now North Carolina and Virginia are as well as more people move into these States. Who are either from different countries or from other parts of the country like the Northeast, perhaps looking to escape big city life.

The Republican Party has a future if it wants one but not on the road they are going down, thats a real Fiscally Conservative Party. But Fiscally Conservative across the board when it comes to the Federal Government, that believe in Economic Freedom but for everybody not just business's and. Is at least tolerant on Social Issues and that government shouldn't be interfering in peoples personal lives, that gets back to Federalism and States Rights and brings Libertarians and. Northeastern Republicans back to the party.

CBPP: Number of Uninsured Fell in 2011, Largely Due to Healthcare Reform

Number of Uninsured Fell in 2011, Largely Due to Health Reform and Public Programs — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Americans who didn't have Health Insurance two years ago and have it now, should thank the Affordable Care Act for having Health Insurance now.

AlterNet: The Hidden Progressive History of Income Tax

The Hidden Progressive History of Income Tax | Alternet

You want to hear a joke, well I'll tell you it anyway, you want to find someone in the United States who likes taxes. Find a Progressive and you'll of found that person, because these are the only people who like taxes, fill out their tax sheets with smiles on their faces, treat Tax Day as a holiday. While the rest of the country supports holidays like Independence Day, which is not called Collectivist Day by the way, Independence Day. As well as Memorial Day honoring the people who served in our military and many other holidays, that Progressives tend to view as corny or bigoted or selfish. But with Progressives you see demonstrations against the government demanding that they are able to pay more in taxes and demanding tax increases. And write checks to the government paying them more in taxes that they feel they should be required to pay. While the rest of the country goes out of its way to avoid taxes and paying less in them, which Progressives view as selfish.

Gallup: Democrats Pull Even With Republicans as Better on Terrorism

Democrats Pull Even With Republicans as Better on Terrorism

A bad week for the GOP has just gotten worst thanks to Mitt Romney

FRSFreeStateNow: Liberty Pen: John Stossel: Politically Correct History: What Libertarians Don't Understand About Workers Rights

FRSFreeStateNow: Liberty Pen: John Stossel: Politically Correct History: What Libertarians Don't Understand About Workers Rights

David Von Pein: Jack Paar Show: Robert F. Kennedy- March 13th, 1964

Jack Paar & Bobby Kennedy
David Von Pein: Jack Paar Show: Robert F. Kennedy- March 13th, 1964

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, a few months after his brother President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Goes on NBC's the Jack Parr Show. I guess he wanted to get back to living a normal life, or as normal of a life that a public official can have in America and get out of the funk he was in from losing his brother and did it in a big way by going on Jack Parr. And trying to communicate to the world that he and his family were doing okay, or as well as they could be doing after seeing one of their family members assassinated. And Bobby Kennedy came back in a big way in 1964. RFK wanted to make his life worth serving again the only way he knew how outside of his family. By serving the public and being involved in public affairs. He was already Attorney General of the United States, but had other interests as well.

As Attorney General, RFK was influential in getting the 1964 Civil Rights Act through Congress. His speech at the 1964 Democratic National Convention, resigning from office right after that and running for U.S. Senate in New York. Where he wins there, partially thanks to President Johnson's landslide victory over Barry Goldwater with New York being one of those States. So Bobby Kennedy not only came back in 1964, but came back in a big public way that few other people would've been able to come back from after a tragedy. Like losing a sibling in the manner that he did. The Jack Paar Show, was perfect for RFK. Because Jack was a very funny man, but also up to date on current affairs and interested in them. And was Bobby Kennedy being a Kennedy with their famous wit and intelligence.

1964, was a very depressing and yet liberating year for Bob Kennedy. First, he was Attorney General, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States, but for a man he hated. President Lyndon Johnson, who was President Kennedy's Vice President. LBJ, not exactly best friends with RFK, but at least he let the Attorney General do his job. Unlike RFK who was always undermining any authority and responsibility that LBJ had as Vice President. But that is really a different discussion and perhaps debate, especially for RFK loyalists. RFK, didn't want to work for President Johnson and that is one reason why he decided to run for the Senate in 1964. And restore some freedom over his own personal life and career. And going on Jack Paar in early 1964, was the start of RFK returning to public life again.