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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thom Hartmann: Is the Era of Big Government over? It has been for a while

Is the era of Big Government over and what I mean by that is not just Socialist Big Government as well as Authoritarian Big Government with limited Social Freedom. Well thanks to President Ronald Reagan whether you think this is a good or not, the era of Socialist Big Government has been over for thirty years. And you know what it aint coming back, because a Democratic Socialist can't get elected President of the United States anymore and they can't even get elected Governor anymore as well if ever. And they can barely get elected to the US Senate now with maybe 3-5 Democratic Socialist Senators. And the entire Democratic Socialist Power Structure right now is in the Lower Chamber of Congress in the House of Representatives, with about 40-45 members. Where almost no one outside of their House District and Washington knows that they even exist. Unlike Senators where the most of the State knows who you are and perhaps the surrounding region as well. Every time a Democratic Socialist runs for President its either out of the House or they are Political Activist or academic. And with how unpopular the term socialism and High Taxes are in America thats needed to fund socialist Social Insurance Programs. Its hard to imagine how socialism makes a comeback in America. What we have when it comes to Social Insurance, is what we have and if anything those programs will be reformed to make more Cost Effective and hopefully more efficient and if anything competition will added to them. So when President Bill Clinton said back in the 1996 State of the Union Address that "the era of Big Government is over", he was stating a fact but that statement was about fifteen years late. Bill Clinton did not run for President to expand Big Government in America to begin with and did not set out to expand it either.

Even though the era of Big Government Socialism is over and as a liberal I see that as a good thing. The era of Big Government Authoritarianism from the Far Right is alive and well. With the Far Right pushing legislation to make Collective Bargaining harder or impossible. The Far Right pushing Anti Pornography Laws, Anti Gay Marriage Laws. Laws that would actually make adultery illegal, Anti Gambling Laws, marijuana is still illegal in America. The Patriot Act that I believe violates the Fourth Amendment with government being able to search what people read just because they might seem suspicious to them. Or being able to search people without Search Warrants. With the rise of the Christian Right thirty plus years ago pushing their "Moral Agenda" on what they believe all americans should be like. And with the rise of Neoconservatism ten years ago, believing National Security is more important then Constitutional Rights. The era of Big Government is alive and well in America but in a different form and is one thing that liberals, libertarians and Classical Conservatives all agree on.

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