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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Firing Government Workers Hurting the Economy": How Making Government More Efficient Would Benefit The Economy

I guess its the Sam Seder week so far on FRSFreeStates, what can I say other then that back to back days. He's covered interesting topics on his Talk Show, at least that he posted, even though this is the 2nd straight day that I've disagreed with him, its still been interesting and provocative. Is laying off Public Workers bad for the economy, like most things it depends, on who you are laying off, hiring additional Public Workers can also be bad for the economy, it depends on who you hire and for what reason. Laying off bad teachers to use as an example, will be bad for them in the short term and bad for the economy short term, if they end up on Unemployment Insurance. But good for the economy long term, because it would mean we would have less bad teachers in the Education System and hopefully those people are replaced with good teachers. So we have more students who actually know how to read and write, who get the skills that they need to move onto college and be successful in life, stay out of trouble and so fourth.

An efficient government at all levels is good for the economy, because it would mean that we would need less Public Workers, to do the jobs that we need them to do. And less Tax Revenue for them to do those jobs and more money in the Private Sector, more money to spend, more demand etc, that leads to Economic and Job Growth. I am in favor of Federal Aid to States and Locals so they don't have to layoff Public Workers and be able to hire additional Public Workers. To fill the jobs that we need them to do, not just to hire them to keep up Public Payrolls but to hire well qualified people to fill the jobs that we need them to do and then judge them based on the jobs that they do. Not how long they've been doing them, which is one of the problems with our Public Education System, because the jobs that they do, has to be financed through Tax Revenue, money that could be spent on other things.

So State Aide so States don't have to layoff additional Public Workers, good people who do a good Public Service is a good thing. As long as its paid for, even if Mitt Romney doesn't believe these people, are well people, just as long as we aren't keeping people around whose usefulness has expired. Or hiring people, just to give them jobs, even if there isn't something we need them to do.