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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thom Hartmann Show: "What Could Have Been and What Was": The Story of The 112th Congress

First of all I don't judge a Congress's production or lack of production by the amount of legislation. That they pass thats stupid, I judge Congress's by the quality not quantity of legislation that. It passes and that the President signs meaning they were able to work with whoever the President. Is to pass key legislation that the country needs that expands or protects individual freedom in this country. And advances the cause of freedom in this country, that is also Constitutional, so even though the 112th Congress. Which is a divided Congress, Republican House and a Democratic Senate and they didn't pass much legislation together. The House passes something the Senate refuses to take it up, the Senate tries to pass something else. The Senate Republican Minority blocks them because Senate Democrats can't get sixty votes and so fourth. So the fact that we have a divided Congress and the 113th Congress will be divided again even. Though it will have more Democrats in both chambers in it, the 113th Congress probably won't be very. Productive either because the two parties and chambers are still very far apart on basically every key. Issue that the country faces.

The fact that we have a divided Congress alone should tell you that Congress probably wasn't going to. Pass much legislation, not necessarily bad if Congress were to pass a lot of bad legislation Constitutional Amendments. To throw out much of the freedom we have in this country and taxes and regulations so high and complicated. That most of the country couldn't afford to pay and comply with them, you could make a case that Congress. Was a productive Congress, the problem is that they passed a lot of bad legislation and we lost a lot. Freedom in the process and the country suffered as a result, so again I judge Congress by what they. Passed not by how much they passed and on that scale as far as what Congress passed and what they didn't pass. I give them an overwhelming F, I'm part of that 90% of America that disapproves of the 112th. Congress but thanks to the Tea Party its either our way or no way approach to governing and that Speaker Boehner. And Minority Leader McConnell aren't strong enough Leaders to confront their own caucus's in the. House and Senate not a lot of quality legislation that needed to be passed came out of Congress.

I'm not making the case that only Republicans are at fault, the fact is had President Obama gone through. On some of the compromises that it would've taken to address the problems in the country like tax reform. The debt and deficit, economic and job growth and that assuming that House Republicans would've. Given up anything key in return on these issues, the far left of the Democratic Party would've. Given the President such a hard time that he might not of gotten reelected but at least the President. Came to the negotiating table willing to negotiate even though Speaker Boehner had nothing to give in return. And thats the main problem with the 112th Congress President Obama and Leader Reid in the Senate didn't have a partner in the House. That they could work with and deliver the votes to pass key legislation.