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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Margaret Flowers: "Obamacare Doesn't Go Far Enough": Why a Public Option is Better Then Medicare For All

I really getting tired of hearing the argument from Progressives who of course believe that government knows best. That the United States should have a Single Payer Medicare For All Health Insurance System, because the rest of the Industrialized World has the same system. But they call it something else, I here this argument all the time when I get into debates online about Healthcare Reform. What irks me about that argument is that its completely false and either they are not aware of that or just take the British or Canadian model, that in Canada's case does have Government Health Insurance For All. Or Britain's case, the British Government covers most of the country but Private Health Insurance has well as Hospitals are now available in Britain. Its just that most Brits use the UKNHS United Kingdom National Health Service, when the fact is. The third and fourth largest economies in the World, Japan and Germany, both Developed Nations. Have Private Health Insurance and in Germany's case a hell of a lot more of a Socialist Nation then America is. Have Private Health Insurance from Cradle to Grave.

France which has the fifth or sixth largest economy in the World. Also has Public/Private System in Health Insurance and Healthcare, they have lower Healthcare Costs then Britain. Which covers most of its country with the NHS in Britain's case and with France their Healthcare Costs are somewhere around half of America's or less. The French Model is what we should be looking at, it would fit in well with us as a nation, Americans would still have the choice in how they pay for their Healthcare. As long as they pay for their share of their Healthcare Costs, Medicare being as popular as it is, Progressives under 65 would jump on that naturally. As well as perhaps other Americans but others would make the choice to stick with their current Health Insurance or go with a Health Savings Account or pay out of pocket. We would be combining what works well in France, which is guaranteed Health Insurance, a Socialist idea. With what works in America, which is choice a Liberal idea.

Progressives are right, the 2010 Affordable Care Act didn't go far enough but what they would do instead. Is not something that we have to do which is take choice out of our Health Insurance System and force everybody on the same Government Program, to bring down our Healthcare Costs. What the ACA should've had was a Public Option, allow adults under 65 to pay into Medicare, just as long as they have the option and force Private Health Insurers to compete for their customers. Just as long as the people decide, not government or business.