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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Atlantic: Economy: Michelle Boushey: The Economics Behind Barack Obama's New Liberal Agenda

The Economics Behind Obama's Unapologetically Liberal Second-Term Agenda - The Atlantic

I just got finish looking at a post from one of my good friends on Facebook. And he actually is a friend and someone who I expect to hangout with in the future, whose also a blogger as well as a Leftist. But lets say further left of me to be nice who posted with a comment on it. Calling Republicans and Democrats as if they are the same people and same party, 'Republicrats'. Not sure as a proud Liberal-Democrat that I''m insulted by that but people are further left of me and further right of lets say of. Barry Goldwater tend to look at the Democratic Republican Party, thats how they view Democrats and. Republicans and see them as two factions in the same party as if we live in a one party state with one party rule or something. And why is that because again I'm going to be nice here because I want to get the point across. But don't believe Democrats and Republicans are partisan enough or far enough to the left or right of them. As if the only real Democrats are Bernie Sanders and people of that mindset on the left. And the only real Republicans are Michelle Bachmann and people with that mindset that unless you share this worldview. Of what government should be doing in this country, you are not a real Republican or Democrat.

Hopefully after this blog it will be clear why this point of view from either the hardcore left or hardcore right in this country is nonsense. That its not a choice in this country from the right of government doing practically nothing from the Libertarian-right. Or practically nothing as it relates to the economy but interfering with Americans personal lives from the far-right. To the other choice on the left of government practically doing everything even as it relates to how people can talk to each other. And what we can eat and drink from the far-left in America. That we can have Leftists and Rightists who believe in limited government but that they also believe in good government. Limited government doesn't mean no government or small government. What it does is recognize the reality that there's a limit to what government can do for the people with the peoples own money. And that government should be limited to only doing the things that we need it to do to has a strong functioning civil society. With a Liberal amount of freedom not government. And that its up to the people to do the rest for themselves.

President Obama Tuesday night laid out exactly the differences between Democrats and Republicans. Especially Liberal-Democrats and all of the Rightists, far, center and Libertarian in the GOP. Which is something that all good party leaders should do, the American people elected me, this is what I and. My party believe in and this agenda we are going to pursue and all of the actual Liberal-Democrats in the. Party that are intelligent enough to know that Barack Obama is not a 'moderate-Republican'. Will back the President to push this Liberal agenda that will be about having the Federal Government do what. We need it to do to have economic freedom reach the entire country especially for unemployed workers. And Americans living in poverty and highlighted the areas that we need the Feds to be working on. To make this happen. Infrastructure, energy, immigration, public education including college affordability. Finally dealing with the debt and deficit and so fourth.

Again what do I believe in as a Liberal, thats its the job of government to protect freedom for those who currently have and still deserve it. Meaning they aren't criminals or something and expanding freedom for those who don't have it but who need and deserve it. Which is why I loved President Obama's speech so much and I believe it was better then the 2013 inaugural. Because thats what he was talking about that if government invests well in these key areas. Then the people themselves will have the tools and resources to live their own lives and live in freedom.