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Friday, November 18, 2011

"What is the Happiest Country on Earth": How would we ever know

I love it or actually find it humorous when socialists in America or outside of America, who don't like our form of government. Our Governmental System or Economic System, try to put down America. By saying that we should do things more like Europe, we should design our system around these Socialist Democracy's. And they make their points by saying we have all of these free services, apparently not understanding what the word free means. That alone would get me to doubt them because none of those services are free for anyone who pays taxes. And they also say that the reason why these countries are better, is because the people are happier. As if they have anyway of knowing that, which of course they don't. Unless they asked everyone in America and these Euro States, which of course they didn't. America and Europe for the most part are both great places to live, americans generally speaking love America. There even some socialists and theocrats who in America who believe we have too much freedom love America. Europeans from what I here love Europe as well, of course I haven't asked all of them. And haven't even asked all americans as well and if I couldn't live in America, I would move to Canada. And if I couldn't get into Canada I would move to Europe but thats not the question. The question is what works for America, Canada and Europe and works for those countries. And what works in one country may not work in another, they have to figure out what works best for that country themselves.

The culture and people in America are much different in Europe and I'm not talking about race or ethnicity. Because 70% of America are of European Ethnicity but I'm talking about National Culture. Europe for the most part is made up of Socialist Democracy's, culturally these countries tend to be socialist and collectivist. Which is why their taxes are so high compared with America and even Canada, because their Welfare States are so big. Especially compared with America. While America is a Liberal Democracy as much as conservatives, socialists and theocrats may hate that. We tend to be individualist, big believers in Individual Liberty both Economic and Social Liberty, Self Reliance. That if we get into trouble, we can get ourselves out of it. As a Liberal Democrat myself I'm a perfect example of this, europeans may want government taking care of them. Be able to make a good living collecting Unemployment Insurance and that sorta thing. Americans by in large don't trust government, hate paying taxes and hate the idea of going on Unemployment Insurance. While europeans may pay their taxes with smiles on their faces. We are just two very different cultures and if socialists believe America is a such a materialistic place thats so selfish. Because we like to keep the money we earn and produce, then why stay here and move to Europe instead.

One way to look at how countries are doing and what people think about them, is to look at their Immigrant Population. In 1990 America was a country of 265M people, 2000, 300M people and today approaching 315M people. If you look at out physical size, we are actually under populated and could house more. If some of our Rural States were more developed. Immigrants come to America because they want Individual Liberty and Economic Liberty. And come from countries that don't have much of either from all over the World including Europe. We still have europeans immigrating to America, while Europe's population has been in decline. Germany has lost 5M people the last ten years., they've gone from 85M people to 80M people today. People are immigrating to America instead of Europe, we have Waiting Lists of people that want to get into America.

Am I'm saying that America is perfect, of course not, am I'm saying we do everything right, of course not. But neither does Europe, what I am saying is what America does for the most part, works for America. And what doesn't work for America, we can fix ourselves with what does work with America. As President Bill Clinton said in 1993 when he was sworn in as President. And what works for Europe, works for them but what doesn't work for them. They may have to become more like us with a little more Individual Liberty as they are already doing with their Welfare State.