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Friday, August 9, 2013

Thom Hartmann: 'What if There Really Was a Liberal Media?'

Source:Thom Hartmann Program- Apparently right-wingers who believe Liberals control the media. Apparently they're not familiar with The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, talk radio, Newsmax, etc. 
Source:The FreeState MD

"Thom Hartmann tells us what everybody would know if we really did have a liberal media.

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From Thom Hartmann

The fact is, we don’t have a liberal media, or a conservative media and certainly not a libertarian or socialist media. But what we do have is a media that is corporate owned, but by corporations, that represent all of these political factions. As well as public media and locally controlled local media, that is also publicly funded.

And what corporate media does, is reports things that they believe are important. As well as what sells and if they are politically slanted, reports things they believe will hold their political side. And hurts the other sides. But since we live in a liberal democracy, a liberal society, a free society, we have a First Amendment and Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press. That allows for all of these different political factions, to have their own political news sources.

We have a private, free media that  even allows someone like Thom Hartmann, on the Socialist-Left, to come from his vantage point and argue against corporate media. And in favor of what is publicly owned media and even state-run media. That would report the things that he and his political allies see as important. And perhaps ignore things that he believes aren’t in the public interest. And perhaps even censor reports that he disagrees with.