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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Salon: Blog: Rula Jebreal to Bill Maher: "When You Talk About Islam in a Certain Way, Some People Feel Threatened": Bill Maher in Trouble For Speaking Out & Telling the Truth

Salon: Blog: Rula Jebreal to Bill Maher: "When You Talk About Islam in a Certain Way, Some People Feel Threatened

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This whole debate has been coming from really the Hollywood and other political correctness leftists against Bill Maher. Because instead of using his time to just critique Christians when it comes to religion, being the true Atheist he is, he goes after other religions he's not a fan of and other radicals from other religions that he doesn't like. With the far-left responding by saying essentially "what are you doing? You are supposed  to go after Christians and Jews and Israel. Not people we want to protect". Because they tend not to be Anglo and Western European.

Senator Angus King who is an Independent by the way, but caucus's with Senate Democrats at least in this Congress, I believe had the best line in this exchange. When he said that "free speech is not just speech that you agree with, but also speech you disagree with and may be offended by.". Which is really the whole debate on the Left in America with Bill Maher getting in trouble with the far-left and Liberals such as myself defending his right to speak freely regardless of what others think of it.

Bill Maher getting in trouble with political correctness fascists on the far-left who can't handle anything that contradicts their ideological arguments, especially when they are facts that contradict them. As Bill Maher said that he's gotten into trouble for speaking the truth on Islam. Again we are talking about free speech. Not politically correct speech, or politically incorrect speech. But free speech that protects everyone's right to express their opinions. And people shouldn't get in trouble for speaking their minds and getting censored, especially when it is the truth.