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Monday, November 26, 2012

Al Jazeera: Egyptians Polarized Over President Morsi's Decree

Steve Clemons posed the question of the day in a column in the Huffington Post. Is Mohamad Morsi an Abraham Lincoln or a Hosni Mobarak. A small d Democrat or a dictator.

Eleanor Fan: Video: ABC's 20/20 Interview of Grace Kelly in 1982, The Princess of Monaco

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal

Princess of Baby Face of Monaco was my first reaction to this video. Because that is the first that I saw and you add that incredible smile that Grace always had and that just adds to that. She doesn’t look like she aged much since her Hollywood star years of the 1950s. And if there’s one women who you would think looks like a European princess, it just might be Grace Kelly. The thing being that Europe is such a diverse place ethnically and Grace looks more like an Anglo princess, being of Irish descent, than a Mediterranean princess. Sophia Loren would be the Mediterranean princes, at least in my opinion. But Grace always did have the look and class of royalty from her time growing up Philadelphia, even though you would never guess Philadelphia by the way she talked, all the way up to being Princess of Monaco.