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Monday, July 16, 2012

Disclose Act: "Is it Time to Stop Selling off Democracy?": Why the Disclose Act is Pure Politics and what its Designed to do

The Disclose Act like a lot of legislation in Congress from both the House and Senate, from both parties. Unfortunately is not designed to pass, Senate Democrats know they don't have the sixty votes in the Senate to pass it, they have fifty three seats and will lose at least 2-3 of their own members on this vote. And know that not one single Senate Republican will vote for it, because they didn't work with any Republicans to write this bill and did that on purpose. They want an issue to use against Republicans in Congress in the fall, we are for Full Disclosure, Republicans are not. What are Republicans trying to hide etc, the Disclose Act targets Republican Special Interest Groups, especially corporation and Republican Super Pacs, thats what this bill is tended to disclose. If Senate Democrats were interested in passing the Disclose Act in this Congress, they would've worked with 5-7 Republican Senators, like John McCain, Lamar Alexander, Tom Coburn, Dick Lugar, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and perhaps others. And drafted Full Disclosure, that would've covered both sides of the Political Spectrum.

The Disclose Act is a step above trying to pass a Constitutional Amendment that would give the Federal Government the authority to regulate Political Speech. Which even somehow you got the Amendment out of Congress, you are looking at least ten years down the line to for a Constitutional Amendment to become law. But its only a step because the Disclose Act as its currently written, will never become law, what Congress should be doing instead and this should start in the Senate. Where there seems to be some feeling of least at the need of passing Campaign Finance Reform in a way that would hold up as Constitutional, is pass Full Disclosure. Which would cover Members of Congress and their opponents and anyone who contributes to them. As well as Third Party Groups, like Super Pacs that work on their behalf, something like this could actually become law. Instead of writing legislation thats never intended to become law at least in this Congress.

But the Disclose Act in its current form is similar to most of the legislation that House Republicans pass. Not designed to become law at least as long as we have Divided Government but to appeal to the bases of the party and give them an issue to use against the other party. And represents a big example of what's currently wrong with Congress and our Campaign Finance System.