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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Tom Hartmann Show: "Tax Cuts Are Not a Gift!": The Purpose of Taxes in a Civilize Society

To talk about tax cuts its helpful to at least know what they are and know what taxes are in the first place. The way I look at it and this is accurate, taxes are fees and costs for living in a civilize society, that can protect and defend itself. Where business's and people can move their products from the factory, farms or wherever to the market in order to sell them. Just to use as an example and if you are not for taxes, then its your duty to come up with a way to pay for the. Things that individuals can't do for themselves or not be able to do for themselves as well, how do. We pay for a military that can protect the country, how do we protect ourselves from criminals when they do us harm. How do we pay for roads, prisons and other things we need as a country and if you can't come up with an alternative to pay for these things. Or don't believe in any form or government that collects revenue to pay for its services, I suggest you live in a. Place that doesn't have these things and is only govern by anarchy and see how well you do there.

The other question in this whole debate is whose money is it thats being created in society and does. Government have the right to collect taxes to pay for its services, well under the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Federal Government at least has the right to collect taxes to pay for its services and taxes should be looked at like this. Like services you would pay for in the private sector and someone asking why should I have to pay for that meal or. Car or whatever the product is, since its my money well if you make that argument before you ate that. Meal or before you try to get the car or whatever your looking for, they are going to tell you something to the effect. We are not a charity and we expect to be compensated for our services , so the counter argument to the person who doesn't feel they should have to pay. Would be it is your money but to get our services you have to pay us for them, if you want to keep your money. Then we won't provide you with the service.

I don't like taxes and I'm not in favor of the income tax, as you might of seen in my blog yesterday. But we do need to collect taxes at least in some form, however its done in a fiscally responsible way. That doesn't hurt our economy but gives government the resources it needs to provide us with the services that we need. And no more and if we do these things with a tax system like that, then we can keep our tax burden down as low as possible.