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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bill Maher on France: What wasn't said about France

Conservatives as well a libertarians like to use France as an insult or as Bill Maher said an argument winner. And Maher mentioned that France has a very good Health Care System and that as Maher said we should steal it. But what he didn't mention and I believe why he didn't mention it, because it would've offended his Socialist Audience. Is that France does not have a Single Payer Health Care System, they have a Public Private Health Care System, similar to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Taiwan and Japan. Where the french get to decide for themselves where to get their Health Insurance and Health Care. And what France does in Health Care, is similar to what the Obama Administration and the then 111th Democratic Congress wanted to do in Health Care Reform. In 2009/2010 before they settled for the Affordable Care Act which was basically just Private Health Insurance Reform and a Tax Credit for Health Care.

Another thing that people who say America should be like France argue, is that America should be more like France. Because they provide all of the Social Services for free, Health Care, Health Insurance, Pension, Education etc. Which is completely false, they do provide for all these services but none of them are free. Anyone in France who pays taxes, pays for these services in Federal Taxes, probably in the form of a Payroll Tax. Anyone who pays taxes, not only pays for everything they receive in society but they also pay for things that other people receive in society. As well as pay for the services that people who don't pay taxes receive in society. So people who want to see America become more like France, need to ask themselves do they really want to pay 50-70% in taxes to the Federal Government. Income taxes plus all of the additional Payroll Taxes that they would end up paying with to finance all of these additional Social Services. My answer is that most if not all of the Democratic Socialists in America the Michael Moore's of the World and others. Would say yes, well thats the easy part, the problem is that they only represent around 10-20 of the General Population in America. They would also have to convince and additional 30% or more just to get to a majority, just to have a shot of making this happen. The problem for them, is that High Taxes with everyone else who's not a socialist, are very unpopular in America.

France is a beautiful country with beautiful women and a lot of things to do and would makes a great place for a vacation. Especially in Southern France from my perspective and they do have a great Health Care System in a big country of around 65M people. But what also needs to be examined when someone says "lets make America more like France". Is how have they built their Welfare State, and is that something America would want to do, not just a certain part of the country. Or can we come up with out own solutions that work best for America.

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