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Monday, August 27, 2012

Michael Grunwald: The New New Deal: The Story of The American Recovery Act

The 2009 American Recovery Act actually had a lot of positive features in it and what it accomplished. Was establishing a floor as far as how far the economy could collapse, buying America time so that it could start recovering from the "Great Recession", which is what we've been trying. To do ever since the summer of 2009 but of course that wasn't the story of that summer, the story of that summer was the "Death Panels" and the Tea Party. Not the fact that the "Great Recession" was actually one of the shortest recessions we've ever had, lasting about nine months. But the Recovery Act was also a golden missed opportunity, here we have a new President taking over in a time where we had just lost around 2M jobs the previous two months. With his party having large majorities in both chambers of Congress but where interest rates were very low. Despite 11T$ National Debt and a 1T$ Federal Deficit, so they could've afforded to borrow 1-2T$ to finance a real Economic Recovery Act. That not only ends the "Great Recession" but moves the economy forward, starts creating jobs and preventing future layoffs.

The days of the Franklin Rosevelt and the New Deal are over, America is not politically at a point. Where we want to see a President try to double the size of the Federal Government, especially as it relates to Social Insurance. That type of Big Government Progressive can barely get elected Statewide, let alone nationally, the Dennis Kucinich's of the World don't get taken. Seriously as Presidential Candidates, let alone these Progressive Third Parties but America was in position back in 2009 with the collapsing economy and perhaps in the next Congres. To literally rebuild the country put at least a down payment on the 1T$ in Infrastructure Investment that this country needs according to the Core of Engineers. Have some much needed Tax Relief for all of those business's and banks that went under as a result of the "Great Recession". And prevent future layoffs in the Public Sector with State Aid.

What the 2009 Recovery Act was, was basically a down payment on what we should've done instead. And the Obama Administration did was make a political calculation, that they needed to pass something fast, instead of spending the time to figure out what exactly. We should do as a country and they've been paying a price for it ever since and so has the economy.

Politico: Latino Decisions tracking poll: President Obama up 39

Latino Decisions tracking poll: Obama up 39

What Mitt Romney is trying to do is to convince Latinos that he's not a Neoconservative and Neoconservatives that he's one of them.

ABC News: ABC Evening News 1972 VP Drama- The George McGovern Convention

Howard K. Smith-
This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal

George McGovern did a lot to bring in new voters to the Democratic Party. Reaching to African, Latin, Asian and Jewish Americans. As well as women and suburban voters, after the civil rights movement of the 1960s. With a large number of Southern Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans heading to the GOP because of civil rights. And you could credit Senator McGovern with even saving the Democratic Party. Because without these new voters, all of these new people would’ve ended up Republicans, or not voting at all.

And we would’ve seen Republican Congress’s, not just a Republican Senate, but the GOP would’ve won back the House and Senate well before 1994. Perhaps even by 1980 with the Reagan Revolution, because the Democratic Party would’ve been left with a large hole to fill. With all of those Southern voters heading to the GOP, without other voters heading to the Democratic Party. So by bringing in all of these new voters to the Democratic Party, Senator McGovern deserves credit for saving the Democratic Party. From future losses in Congress and the White House after 1972.

Democrats added to their majorities in Congress in 1974. And they won back the White House while holding both the House and Senate in 1976. But the Democratic Party paid such a heavy price for it in 1972, yes President Nixon was pretty popular. But they were a very divided party between establishment Liberals who wanted a united party to face the Republicans in the fall and the anti-war New-Left Social Democrats. That wanted to take over the party and return it to where it was in the 1960s and build on the New Deal and Great Society. And George McGovern also deserves credit for running the most disorganize convention in the TV era.

Salon: Willa Paskin Interviewing Anna Gunn- Skyler Might Kill Walt

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal: Salon: Willa Paskin Interviewing Anna Gunn- Skyler Might Kill Walt

One of the cutest mommies you'll ever see. Skyler White (played by the beautiful adorable Anna Gunn) comes off at least what I believe as a 'babe in the woods' (great Goodfellas line) in Breaking Bad. At least in the first season. I didn't become a regular viewer of this show until the third or fourth season. And Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) doesn't start off as a criminal. He's someone who get into the meth business to save his life and get the treatment that he needs for his cancer, as well as to support his family. He's a woefully underpaid middle-age science teacher in New Mexico. And goes into the meth business to again save his life and support his family. Skyler, his wife starts off this series as a homemaker. Who other than her husband's cancer believes he's a good honest man. Living a normal life.

As the first season moves along the White Family, Walter, Skyler and their son, is essentially broke. Walt, is bringing in the only income to the family. Forty-thousand-dollars a year as a high school science teacher. 2008-09, the start of the Great Recession and when it was at its worst. No economic or job growth. Even with Baby Boomers retiring, so Skyler goes back to work as an accountant. She's an accountant, not some former stripper bimbo married to one her former clients that she fell in love with. She's an educated an intelligent person and knows her family is going to need money and a lot of it. Especially with her husband in the hospital on a regular basis getting treatment. The accountant part is key here, because she figures out her husband has extra money here. Which is where this series gets very interesting.

This is when Walt is getting is meth business going and becoming successful with his high school dropout partner. She figures out that he's in the drug business, but doesn't turn him in. Maybe she's worried about what will happen to her if she does that. Maybe she's worried about what will happen to the father of her son who has cancer. Maybe she doesn't want to lose his income from his business, because again they need the money. But their family which was pretty normal pre-cancer, now becomes very stressful and Skyler and Walt, now are arguing on a regular basis and even separate, but never actually divorce. This is really a great and funny crime drama with all sorts of great characters. And Skyler White played by Anna Gunn, is a huge part of that.