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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bill Maher: New Rules for Socialism: How much of it do Americans Want?

Unless your a libertarian in America and I believe that some libertarians actually do want some form of socialism. Even Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson has said that he's for Block Granting are Welfare State. Essentially turning over our Welfare State over to the States to ru
n with the resources to run it, something like 2T$ bigger then most economy's in the World. When the traditional Libertarian Policy on the Welfare State is to eliminate it because they believe its not part of the US Constitution. And this would be better left up to the Private Sector, even Libertarian Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Who's probably more libertarian on Fiscal Policy then Gary Johnson believes that the Welfare State should be phased out in the future. But the current people who've paid into it and are collecting from it, should still receive those benefits from it. So there's even been some movement in the Libertarian Movement on not ending the Welfare State which is clearly socialist, Public Services which is a form of socialism. Even the Tea Party Movement whether they are libertarian, Classical Conservative or both of those faction mixed in now. With Christian Theocrats, the Michelle Bachman's and Herman Cain's of the World, believe in protecting things like Medicare and Social Security. But maybe they would eliminate Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance and Medicare. So most of the country believes in some form of socialism, probably 80-90% with perhaps even some libertarians mixed in with that group. The question is how much of it do we want of it and more importantly how much are we willing to pay for it. Because in case anyone has missed the memo, socialism aint free. Socialism is Tax Payer funded Public Services from the government. And which form of socialism do we want, do we want to move in the direction of Democratic Socialism that Europe has. With a large and generous Welfare State funded by High Taxes by American Standards but a large productive Private Sector. Probably 10-20% of the country would like to see that, Democratic Socialists in America. Or do we want to move in the direction of North Korea where the State owns the entire economy, State Ownership of the Means of Production in Society. I don't know anyone who wants that Economic System for America.

What I would like to see America as a liberal and an american, have is an Economic System with vast Economic Freedom, thats well regulated to prevent unfair abuses in the system, with no Corporate Welfare. And we continue to have Low Taxes and a Safety Net that catches people who fall through the cracks of the economy so to speak. But helps them up and doesn't try to take care of the indefinitely just because they are poor and Low Skilled. But empowers them to get the skills that they need so they can become Self Sufficient. For people who say America should become more like Europe especially Sweden lets say the Socialist Utopia. For that to happen socialists in America are going to have to convince a lot more americans, especially the Middle Class where most of us live. That your taxes are two low even though you might be struggling right now maybe just to pay your taxes. And that your better off with less freedom to take care of yourself and set your own course in life and that you would be better off letting the Federal Government take more care of you.

For American Socialists they have a very tough Political Battle ahead of them if they want to convince a majority of americans. That we would be better off living in a Socialist Democracy like Sweden. And having the Federal Government take more care of us and living with less freedom. Because we are a country that was founded by rebels that was trying to get away from a British System like this. And we like our Individual Freedom.

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